Easy and Powerful
Cloud Management

Embotics vCommander is the easy and powerful way to intelligently manage your private, public, or hybrid cloud environments without complexity and cloud vendor lock-in

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Visibility & Management

  • Maintain control over quotas, configurations, and IT processes
  • Get cost visibility and usage reporting across hybrid cloud infrastructure 
  • Proactively identify and remediate idle or over-provisioned resources

Velocity & Automation

  • Automate provisioning and orchestrate policy-based IT service delivery workflows
  • Build and manage custom end-user IT self-service catalogs and portals 
  • Improve IT response rate from days/hours to minutes/seconds

Intelligence & Flexibility

  • Intelligently place and manage workloads using predictive analytics
  • Orchestrate across multi-vendor private, public or hybrid cloud environments
  • Compare costs of public cloud with private cloud alternatives


Embotics vCommander installs in minutes and is rapidly setup to run in your in evironment by following an automated discovery and wizard-based configuration process. vCommander's multi-hypervisor virtualization and cloud management capabilities enable organizations to build and implement a framework, process, automation, and policies for a highly optimized and intelligent hybrid cloud environment.

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Lead your orgainzation into the next generation of intelligent and automated IT service delivery with powerful tools to build your own custom IT service portal with flexible process orchestration and automated multi-cloud provisioning 

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Accelerate the time to fulfill requests while optimizing costs across the shared hybrid IT infrastructure. Rightsizing recommendations, utilization reporting, and guided reconciliation allow you to intelligently manage resources and place workloads. 

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Multi-cloud and multi-hypervisor management

Complexity free installation and configuration

Provisioning automation and orchestration

Infrastructure cost visibility - Chargeback / Showback

Cloud cost comparisons & intelligent placement

Extensive out-of-the-box reporting & analytics

End-user IT self-service portal delivery

Resource planning and rightsizing analysis

Cloud Management Nirvana is Only a Click Away

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