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Customer Spotlight: Computer Security Software Company

One of the challenges that the Corporate Training department of this computer security software company faced was the ability to rapidly provision systems for students each week for the multiple courses that were taking place across several different time zones. Once a service ticket was created for a particular course, IT provisioned everything manually which, given their workload, led to increased wait times for the systems to be provisioned.

Topics: Self-Service Provisioning Workflow

Microservices: The Cloud’s Assembly Line

The world of applications is currently undergoing a fundamental shift, and the changes in the landscape are dramatic. DevOps, the cloud, platform-as-a-service and microservices are aggressively speeding up the pace for innovative companies to create, deliver and refine new services.

Topics: Automation Microservices

Customer Spotlight: University of Birmingham

With nearly 1,200 virtual machines in the environment, and approximately 90 new VMs being created each month, the storage and virtualization team within the university act as an internal cloud services provider to the IT Services support staff, who in turn provide services to the other members of the university, both staff and students.

Topics: Use cases vCommander Case Study

Overcoming Common Cloud Objections: Part 1

From increased efficiency and cost savings to workload scalability and speed, cloud computing is becoming a business imperative and the de facto computing method for companies of all shapes and sizes. In fact, Comptia's latest Trends in Cloud Computing report reveals that 90 percent of companies currently leverage cloud computing in some way, while IDC estimates total spending on cloud IT infrastructure alone to increase more than 18% in 2017 to reach $44.2 billion.

Topics: Public Cloud Private Cloud costs cloud Objections Security

Virtualization alone does not equal cloud

 Virtualization was really the key technology that started the cloud computing revolution. When virtualization started, it was initially a no-brainer, Capex driven purchase, that was driven by the reality that systems of the time were typically dedicated to one application workload, and in order to meet the peak demand of those workloads, they were run with excess headroom on the servers.

Topics: cloud virtualization

Service Delivery Success Factors    (Part 2)

A few weeks ago, I posted here about what I believe are some of the critical success factors for delivering cloud services. As tends to be the case when I turn in a “final draft” of a writing project, I was initially happy with it - but as I continued to think about the topic, I realized there was quite a bit I’d left out. Sure, the ideas in there - identifying incremental value, protecting profit margins, focusing on performance improvement and understanding differences between customers - are important and remain important success factors for cloud service delivery, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t add a few more that I think are important.   

Topics: Managed Services Service Providers

Hotel California in the Cloud

There is no doubt about it. You're either in the cloud or moving there - quickly. It often starts with a toe in the water. Someone doing some dev work needs some resources quickly and, hey, it only costs a few bucks to get started and it can be paid for with a credit card and you're in.

Topics: Cloud Automation Software cloud management

Your New Year's Cloud Resolution

Is it really 2017 already? Well with every new year come New Year's resolutions. What might you resolve to do differently this year?

The most common resolution is some variation of "lose weight and get in shape". The number one month for joining a gym is January and the number one month for quitting a gym is February. What if, this year, you resolve to get your cloud in shape?

Topics: Reporting Chargeback & Showback

Reading the Tea Leaves: Cloud Computing Predictions for 2017

The world of enterprise applications is dramatically changing. Enterprises are continuing to deploy apps faster and more frequently than ever before, with no signs of slowing. And with the cloud wars between AWS, Azure and Google only growing more intense and moving up stack to the PaaS layers – which is a good thing for enterprises – 2017 will be a milestone year for the cloud computing industry.
Topics: cloud Microservices Predictions

Embotics in 2016: Recapping a Fantastic Year

As 2016 comes quickly to a close and 2017 begins, the team here at Embotics can’t help but reflect on what an amazing, whirlwind of a year it has been for the company! From securing funding and adding notable industry executives to our team to industry accolades and buzzing tradeshows, the team is more than proud of our achievements this past year. Here are some of the highlights:

Topics: Embotics review