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Applications and PaaS

Consumers of IT today are looking for more than an operating system to be deployed.  They are looking for applications and services that deliver value to the consumer and to the business in a click.  Embotics realizes that there is no single provider that can meet all the requirements for deployments of applications and PaaS.  Therefore, Embotics has focused on providing broad support for many industry leading solutions and providers.

vCommander Applications/PaaS Integrations

Configuration Management Integrations

vCommander is tightly integrated with Chef, Puppet and Ansible.  This allows you to leverage existing investments in best of breed configuration management solutions.  vCommander has built-in workflows steps for these systems that allow you to incorporate them into your post deployment workflows.  You can also build Service Catalog Blueprints that directly use Chef, Puppet and Ansible to offer a complete application stacks.  For Developers and Power-Users that require more flexibility they can select the Classes, Groups, Roles, Recipes and Run-Lists they would like to use.   

Native vCommander Post Deployment Features

Out of the box vCommander allows you to orchestrate workflows with pre-canned intelligent steps like; Wait for a VM to get an IP, Execute Script, Execute SSH Command, Run Programs in Guest OS, Copy and Create files on the Guest OS, Power Controls, Send emails, among many others.  For scripting vCommander allows you to use any scripting language you want, be it PowerShell, Perl, Shell, .Net or anything else.  This allows you to leverage any previous automation investments you have made.

Integrating with 3rd Party Workflow Engines

If you have already built automation in other workflow engines, vCommander can call these systems and pass information to them via API or CLI.  Customers have leverage systems like Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, vCloud Orchestrator and many other Open Source workflow engines.

Deploying PaaS

Public cloud providers like Amazon and Azure provide a wide variety of services and technologies in their cloud offerings today.  These can include storage, compute, load balancers, firewalls, databases, security services.  Each provider has a declarative way to describe a solution leveraging all or some of these technologies.  Amazon AWS uses  Cloud Formation Templates and Microsoft Azure use an ARM Templates.  Embotics vCommander can publish these templates to allow automation and orchestration of these public cloud offerings in Embotics vCommander’s Self Service Portal.