Embotics vCommander

Embotics® vCommander™ provides value to IT departments, Service Providers, and Test Lab administrators by optimizing, automating, and providing cost visibility to virtualized private infrastructure and public clouds.

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Enterprise Solutions

IT departments are facing new challenges:

  • The need for continuous application development and deployment velocity

  • Explosion of data volume (big data)

  • Inefficient infrastructure silos

  • IT losing control as users turn to external cloud-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, HP Cloud, etc.

To address these challenges, IT departments require new IT systems management capabilities such as agile, on-demand provisioning; automated, dynamic resource assignment with lifecycle management; and hybrid cloud management functions allowing IT to maintain control of infrastructure and costs.

As well, a major marketplace trend has been the emergence of the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC), and its overall recognition as the architecture for the future by IT departments worldwide.

vCommander is a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) designed to enable IT self-service for end users within the confines of the SDDC. Using vCommander, organizations can reduce the amount of time required to request, provision, manage, and decommission virtual assets across multiple internally hosted virtualization hypervisors and external public clouds.

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Service Providers

With the rising popularity of public cloud infrastructure providers such as Rackspace, AWS, and HP Cloud, many Service Providers are looking for a solution that will allow them to offer services to their customers.

vCommander provides Service Providers with the ability to offer a custom branded, simple-to-use, self-service portal to customers—without the effort and internal skill investment required with a home-brewed solution, either developed internally or based on open source initiatives such as OpenStack or CloudStack.

By combining a multi-organizational management capability with provisioning automation, customer administration of virtual machines (VMs), cost visibility and chargeback in the self-service portal, vCommander offers Service Providers a turnkey solution that can be operational in as little as a day.

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Lab Automation and Management

vCommander quickly and effectively manages pre-sales, Quality Assurance (QA), and Development Operations (DevOps) virtual lab environments by providing a user self-service portal combined with quota management, provisioning orchestration, and decommissioning automation to effectively optimize and control lab resource usage and VM lifecycle.

In addition, vCommander can easily be incorporated into test automation scenarios via its extensive REST API and flexible integration points. DevOps and test teams also benefit from enhanced VM collaboration features, allowing VMs to be effortlessly shared between testers and developers, and advanced features such as VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V console and RDP proxy, and Network L2 / L3 fencing.

A solution that works seamlessly with multiple hypervisors and public clouds, vCommander is the market-leading choice for lab administrators and DevOps teams who want to make the most out of their virtualized lab infrastructure.

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