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451_Research.pngA new survey carried out by 451 Research on behalf of Embotics® has found that there is increasing use of third-party clouds, and that  ‘Amazon + 1’ is becoming the CIO’s organizing principle as 75% of companies surveyed say they are now using more than one cloud environment. In order to manage these efficiently, a cloud management platform (CMP) is becoming a business imperative, not an option.

451 Research Survey Report

The survey of 166 enterprise IT organizations regarding their use of cloud
infrastructure and the management and automation of the associated processes and technologies revealed several key findings including:

  • 64% of companies surveyed are constantly challenged with the management and tracking of digital and virtual assets.

  • 74% surveyed say users expect faster provisioning times and complain that response and turnaround time is too slow.

  • 87% of survey respondents say their existing management tools lack the ability to show how VMs are being utilized over time.

Download this report to see how CMPs provide additional value in helping organizations mature their virtualization, consolidation, automation and orchestration efforts.


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