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Containers: The First-Class Citizens of CMP 2.0

As many readers in this space are aware, Embotics made a pretty big announcement this summer. We’re ready to declare the death of the old way of managing cloud environments - CMP 1.0 - and move on to building the future cloud management platform – one that is designed for microservices, DevOps and hybrid IT. We’re calling it CMP 2.0, and it’s got everyone at Embotics excited about the future of our company and our industry.

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Using Embotics vCommander to Automate Hybrid Cloud and the ‘New Stack’ Technology

Back in July, Embotics introduced the what we see as the future of cloud management platforms – CMP 2.0. This next wave of CMPs is aimed at empowering organizations to better understand, manage and automate hybrid cloud, containers and DevOps. Since then, we’ve continued to develop our product roadmap, and share ideas with industry peers and experts at events like VMworld.

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6 Practical Ways to Improve Hybrid Cloud Governance and Optimize Costs

Most IT leaders today face a growing set of challenges related to managing an evolving IT infrastructure, and delivering IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS). The management and integration of private and public cloud infrastructures can become a mixed bag where multiple tools can lead to inefficiencies and be prone to increased costs.

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A Closer Look at Compliance and Security

A few weeks ago, I wrote in this space about a recent webinar Embotics hosted with Torsten Volk of Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). On the webinar, Torsten and Scott Davis, our chief technology officer, spoke about the top priorities for managing hybrid cloud. My previous post took a look at the issue of cost control, but today I want to focus on issues that are at or near the top of every boardroom agenda: security and compliance.

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Is it Time to Invest in a Cloud Management Platform?

The modern IT organization is faced with new demands to increase agility and velocity, and simultaneously optimize costs. With increasingly affordable high-powered bandwidth and rising consumer expectations for accessibility and speed, the rise of cloud-based solutions for sharing, storing and streaming data has accelerated.

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Join Embotics at VMworld 2017!

VMworld is upon us – and the Embotics team is excited to head to Las Vegas to mingle with industry peers, cloud experts and other influential organizations at the premier cloud infrastructure event of the year. Embotics will be at booth #1513 discussing the future of cloud management platforms, including how our team is working to change the way IT organizations and service providers automate provisioning and enable self-service IT on the fastest and easiest software.

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A Closer Look at Cost Control

We recently had the good fortune to host a Webinar with Torsten Volk of Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). In that discussion, Torsten and Embotics EVP of Engineering & Chief Technology Officer, Scott H. Davis discussed the top 10 priorities for managing hybrid cloud, Containers and DevOps, based on research from a recent report he published, and how Embotics is helping customers eliminate those roadblocks to make these new technologies easier to manage.

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7 Challenges for IT Management

As an IT executive, the struggle to match business process with business focus and growth is unceasing. It is for this reason that you surround yourself with both the right team of people, as well as the right infrastructure to help you guide your business forward.

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Extend your Reach with the vCommander REST API

If you want to take full advantage of your cloud management platform to address business problems, Embotics® vCommander® comes out of the box with an extensive REST API and powershell cmdlet that enable any number of automation use cases. Valuable resources such as SaaS, IaaS, legacy systems, ERP, on-premise applications, data sources and databases, whether inside or outside of the enterprise can be integrated to automate workflows, orchestrate external systems, and provide continual service improvements.

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CMP 2.0: Understanding the New Priorities for Managing Hybrid Cloud, Containers and DevOps

In order to effectively compete, today’s businesses need to be able to deliver features, services and solutions far more rapidly than ever before – while maintaining a high quality and rich user experience. As such, businesses are strategically investing in moving modernized, complex enterprise applications to the cloud, enabling IT and business operations to sell more effectively, increase competitive differentiation and more.

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