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451 Research & Embotics partner on enterprise IT organization survey

Embotics and 451 Research have teamed up to learn more about how enterprise information technology (IT) organizations use cloud infrastructure, how they manage it, and how they automate associated processes and technologies.

The new report, “Cloud Management Market Survey and Analysis: A New Business Imperative Emerges,” published Oct. 2016, is the result of an extensive survey of 166 U.S.-based enterprise IT organizations.

One of the main takeaways from the research is that enterprise IT environments are transforming rapidly, especially as more and more enterprises continue to adopt automation technology. Almost two-thirds (63%) of survey respondents said they have adopted or plan to adopt automation technology.

However, one of the most difficult things for enterprises about adopting automation technology is managing and organizing their systems. More than half (52%) of enterprises said they currently have a cloud management platform in place and three-fourths of surveyed organizations said they are currently using more than one cloud system, including public and private.

While a large number of enterprises are using cloud management platforms, the majority of them (80%) believe their current tools fall short in terms of solving some of the key business problems. Some of their complaints include response time is too slow; creating, managing, and tracking digital assets is difficult; VM sprawl is growing; and most tools lack a single interface to view the entire environment.

But where there is a difficulty, there is also an opportunity. Many of the enterprise IT organizations surveyed said there is a large opportunity to provide cross-cloud capabilities that address technology evolution and deliver the “build faster, run better, lower cost” benefits to help businesses meet their demands.

Some of the other key findings from the survey include:

  • 88% of enterprises can’t identify who has logged in and how often
  • 87% of enterprises don’t understand how virtual machines are being utilized over time
  • 81% of enterprises can’t assign and track virtual assets in real time or model future costs based on consumption
  • 79% of enterprises can’t accurately report on who is consuming VM resources
  • 50% of enterprises are currently using or plan to use container and orchestration technologies
  • 45% of enterprises have moved beyond virtualization and onto automation
For more information, download the full “Cloud Management Market Survey and Analysis: A New Business Imperative Emerges” report.
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