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7 Challenges for IT Management

7 Challanges for IT ManagementAs an IT executive, the struggle to match business process with business focus and growth is unceasing. It is for this reason that you surround yourself with both the right team of people, as well as the right infrastructure to help you guide your business forward.

What first began as a private cloud discussion has morphed into a focus on public clouds and most recently on the hybrid cloud model, and as clouds continue to evolve, close attention must be paid on how end-users are using these platforms through effective and cost efficient management solutions.

With a cloud management platform (CMP) as an integral part of your company’s virtualized data center strategy, you can gain immediate value, and drive a rapid ROI. Below are some of the challenges you may be facing, and how a CMP like Embotics® vCommander® can help to solve them for you.

Are you frustrated because IT struggles to stay within budget?

To keep IT within budget, vCommander combines operational, consumption and the business context of workloads with comprehensive cost modeling, allowing you to quickly create independent cost models for multiple hypervisors and clouds for effective workload cost comparisons. Furthermore, you can provide decision makers and stakeholders with cost transparency for informed budgetary planning, and assign ancillary costs such as support, monitoring, patch management, etc., to VMs.

And, while showing costs for a physical infrastructure is relatively straightforward, organizations often struggle to articulate the costs of their virtual assets, and to be able to compare if their internal infrastructure is more cost effective than a public cloud offering. The cost model allows you to see how much your virtual estate costs at any given time and visibility through reporting that can further streamline the costs of service delivery and infrastructure to your end users, allowing you to be able to track to your budget, and be able to adjust when required as your virtual infrastructure grows and changes.

Are you looking for a way to show departments what they spend?

Embotics has embedded simple-to-identify metrics based on real-life customers to compare your costs with other organizations. This enables you to show your users how they are doing compared to the budget and to other departments, giving you the ability to assign additional business context for reporting and identification of departments, thus enabling accurate showback.

Does it concern you that IT Governance Risk & Compliance requirements are not being met by cloud/virtualization assets?

vCommander helps to support multiple IT audits, policy and change control in the virtual infrastructure. By ensuring audit and change policies are enforced, we can eliminate “fire-drills” at audit time. The platform provides you with detailed audit trails of change, usage and policy conformity, helping you reduce risk and securing your virtual landscape.

Does not being able link virtual machines (VMs) with business and function context inhibit your ability to report or audit effectively?

Not being able to accurately group and allocate workloads to business context significantly impacts your ability to accurately audit and track your VMs. Embotics vCommander can leverage existing business, operational context and map them to your VM for an entire lifecycle, which significantly improves your auditing capabilities—vital for economic assessments.

Do you have accurate and timely reporting on the state and health of your virtualized environment?

Visibility into your virtual environment to assess health, predict growth and understand usage patterns is key to optimizing your investment. vCommander can give you best practice reporting on your virtualization infrastructure from both a business and technical perspective, providing access to business-driven reporting throughout our platform. Flexible search capabilities allow you to combine both business and technical information into a single report that can be scheduled, emailed to stakeholders, and exported to third-party software to be rolled up into your core business metrics. In addition, once installed, vCommander’s out-of-the-box reports give you immediate insight into potential savings in your existing infrastructure through waste reclamation, performance optimization, and growth trending.

Are your admins bogged down doing mundane management of the VM environment?

To help you deliver critical services to your customers faster, vCommander offers several automation capabilities to convert time-consuming manual process to end-user driven fulfillment. By automating repetitive provisioning and lifecycle tasks, the IT team can be refocused to deliver on high value consultative services that add value to your end users rather than repetitive tasks. With our comprehensive delegated administration & distributed operations you can remove non-virtual infrastructure administrators from VMware vCenter™ or other administrative consoles, and authorize end users to carry out self-service management tasks, tailored specifically to your organization’s processes.

Are you being asked to change the nature of the relationship between the IT organization and the customer from simple resource provisioning to a business relationship based on service delivery and usage metrics?

Evolving an IT organization to adapt to the changing nature of cloud computing can be challenging. By providing a fast, easy and affordable solution with built in best practices for service delivery and reporting, vCommander can provide an out-of-the-box end user self-service portal, define what your virtual assets and waste are costing the organization, and provide best practice reporting on trends in your virtual environment.

 We all know that IT budgets are constrained and staff sizes are shrinking, but the amount of data and dependence on IT services is growing. Automation is one way by which IT is addressing the growing demand for services, but there still remains a strong management and financial analysis component that IT must oversee.

In order to efficiently deliver cloud services, IT must have integrated cost models and financial analysis, and must know how to monitor resources and chargeback (or at the very least, Showback) virtual machine (VM) costs to various business units. These figures will assist in tracking increased demand and capacity of the virtual environment and building out cost models, in other words providing you with the economic visibility and management that you need, regardless of the type of cloud found in your company today or in the future.

To find out more about how vCommander can help with your cloud infrastructure challenges, check out our solution pages on Cost Management, Cloud Governance, and Private/Hybrid-cloud Automation and Orchestration.

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