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All Cloud, No Fluff

All Cloud no Fluff - Customer Case StudiesI like my job in marketing. When done correctly, marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool that helps organizations clearly articulate the value of complex solutions to a group of people who can really be helped by that solution. Notice that I said, “when done correctly.” I think we do an amazing job here at Embotics being honest, clear and concise in our marketing materials - but that’s not always been my experience in this industry.

If you ask a hundred C-level executives what their biggest problem with marketing is, I can promise you that more than half of them will come back to you with some combination of the terms “style over substance,” “jargon” or “fluff.” All marketers are probably guilty of this to some extent, but we try hard to keep it to a minimum at Embotics.

One of the reasons we’re able to do this successfully is our amazing roster of customers. We don’t need to talk about ethereal value and what we hypothetically might be able to do to help your enterprise when we have some of the best companies in the world willing to tell you themselves. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - great customers make marketing a heck of a lot easier!

Success Stories in Cloud AutomationSo if you’re the type of person who likes hearing things directly from the source - free of jargon or even worse, tainted by the f-word (FLUFF), you might want to check out this paper from Embotics. “All Cloud, No Fluff: Success Stories in Cloud Automation” tells the story of some of our customers and the results they’ve seen. Whether it’s faster provisioning, a simplified self-service experience, or greater visibility into the costs of providing cloud infrastructure back to their organizations, these are stories of Embotics customers that are using our solutions to support and enhance their business.

As a marketer, I respect companies that can “talk the talk” - like I said, that can be an incredibly valuable skill and it’s essential as a way to cut through today’s noisy enterprise software landscape. But isn’t it better when an organization like Embotics can actually walk the walk? Or better yet, when a company can do both?

If you’re interested in checking out these customer stories, which I encourage you to do, you can read about them here:

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