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Embotics Cloud Management Blog

Avoiding the Multi-Hypervisor Eruption

In the past few years, the virtualization market has slowly evolved from a flat landscape to a mountain peak many enterprises successfully scaled. Recently, that mountain has emitted the rumbles of a productive volcano, as players in the hypervisor market try to shift each other out of the way.

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How Clear is Your View into Economics of the Cloud?

The talk of cloud is continuous. What first began as a private cloud discussion has morphed into a focus on public clouds and most recently on the hybrid cloud model.  As clouds continue to evolve, IT must pay close attention to how end-users are using these platforms through effective and cost efficient management solutions.

Topics: Multi-hypervisor Cost Management Chargeback & Showback

Multi-Hypervisors Bring Additional Cost Savings

The rush toward cloud computing was fueled in large part by cost-conscious IT departments that saw the cloud as the natural next step for virtualization and a way to stretch tight budgets. However, that doesn’t mean its time for IT to take its eyes off the bottom line. As cloud computing models proliferate and evolve, it is just as important as ever that technology leaders make informed decisions about which products, services and payment models deliver the best results.

Topics: Multi-hypervisor Cost Management

Building Community: OpenStack, Embotics And The Open Source Cloud

The minds behind OpenStack – pros from Rackspace Hosting, NASA and others – say that the open source cloud-computing platform they’re creating is a bazaar, not a cathedral. The mission is to build a massively scalable open source, open design, open development community for all public and private cloud providers. Last month, Embotics joined that expansive community, and we’ve pledged to leverage OpenStack technology in future versions of vCommander.

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Webinar: Permanently Eliminate VM Sprawl and Waste in your Data Center

Date: Tue, May 21, 2013 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM BST

Topics: VM Sprawl & Rightsizing ROI Cost Management Webinar

Embotics CEO To Speak at Interop Las Vegas

Jay Litkey Will Explore the Journey from Virtualization to the Cloud

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