Optimization and Capacity Planning is critical for reducing costs and reducing sprawl in the virtual or cloud environment. By making sure machines are deployed in consistent standardized fashion, it allows for rapid deployment and rapid de-provisioning based on cost and performance SLAs, rather than complexity. Embotics® vCommander’s™ Cloud Management Platform (CMP) provides virtual machines(s) (VMs) in a service centric fashion. When you standardize your service offering for production VMs, you increase your SLAs.

For existing production workloads, the ability of vCommander to compare the configuration drift from the templates, or from similar workloads, finds configuration issues.

With our Cloud Management Software platform, you’ll improve efficiency, reducing costs and complexity while optimizing planning and growth.

Features include:

  • Resource Management, Optimization & Capacity Planning
  • Reporting, Analytics & Visualization
  • Inventory, Change & Configuration Management
  • Delegated Administration & Distributed Operations
  • Chargeback and IT Costing
  • VM Lifecycle Management
  • Governance, Tracking & Compliance
  • Snapshot Management
  • Multi-Hypervisor Management