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Embotics Cloud Management Blog

Running vCommander Workflows with User Input

vCommander allows you to perform repeatable actions tailored to your environment. You’re probably already familiar with command workflows, which allow users to run commands on various types of services, such as VMs and virtual services. But you can also create repeatable, customizable actions based on user input, through service change requests and completion workflows. This post shows you how.

Consider the following use case: A Service Portal user needs support and wants to email the IT contact for that VM. Setting this up with vCommander is easy.

Topics: Administration vCommander

Enabling Your Users to Rightsize Their VMs

How do you ensure that all VMs in your virtualized infrastructure are allocated the correct resources for their workload? Allowing your users to rightsize their VMs is a great way to minimize cost and maximize performance.

Topics: Administration How-to VM Sprawl & Rightsizing Best Practices vCommander

Five Ws for Five Nines

If you’re a vCommander admin, what’s the best way to report issues to Embotics® Support effectively?

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How Public Cloud Consumption Impacts Private Cloud Cost Visibility

Two years ago, when I talked to enterprise customers about their cloud management platform (CMP) needs, many of the business drivers were the same as today. These included the desire to move to an ITaaS (IT as a Service) model, to embrace automation, and especially to increase business agility. But in that same time frame, I have noticed a significant shift in one aspect of private cloud adoption: how enterprises think about cost visibility and chargeback.

Topics: Public Cloud AWS Azure Multi-hypervisor Cloud Management Platform (CMP) Cost Management Best Practices