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Embotics Cloud Management Blog

To Rebuild, Shift or Stay, That Is the Question!

On the heels of AWS re:Invent, the question that many CIOs and CTOs should be asking is: How do I leverage the public cloud with my current homegrown apps?

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VM Sprawl Is Back, And This Time It’s Out In Public

Back in the early days of virtualization adoption, VM sprawl and over-provisioning were quite common. It was simple to create new VMs by effectively copying and pasting. VMs were also frequently over-provisioned, because they were deployed with the same resources as physical servers.

Topics: Public Cloud VM Sprawl & Rightsizing AWS Cloud Management Platform (CMP)

Puppet Plus Embotics vCommander Equals Faster ITaaS

If you use Puppet Labs® Puppet to deliver ITaaS, you can seamlessly integrate Puppet with Embotics® vCommander™ to provision and manage Puppet nodes. With the vCommander Cloud Management Platform (CMP), you can predefine your Puppet node configuration right in the service catalog. Requested VMs can be automatically deployed and configured as Puppet nodes. You can also set up automatic VM decommissioning driven by expiry date or by a change request process, including removal of the node configuration from the Puppet master.

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Choosing Your vCommander™ Database Platform

One of the most important choices new vCommander administrators must make is which database platform to use: PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL. There are some advantages and disadvantages to each, which are discussed below. However, the most important thing to understand is that it’s not possible to migrate between platforms. If you do need to switch platforms, Embotics Support can assist you with keeping some of the VM metadata, but other important data may be lost, and it will take some time to recreate various configuration choices.

Let’s look at the options.

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