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Integrate Chef with Embotics vCommander to Provision and Manage Chef nodes

Integrate Chef with Embotics® vCommander™ to provision and manage Chef nodes

If you use Chef as your IT automation platform, you can seamlessly integrate Chef with Embotics® vCommander™ to provision and manage Chef nodes. With vCommander, you can predefine your Chef node configuration right in the service catalog. Requested VMs can be automatically deployed and configured as Chef nodes.

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vCommander™ 5.6 Sneak Preview: Multi-Tenant Media Library

This week I’m back with another sneak preview of a great new feature coming in vCommander 5.6: a multi-tenant media library. This improves upon current functionality, which lets vCommander and Service Portal users mount media from the host’s physical drives or datastores, but all ISO/FLP files are globally available. Let’s take a look.

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