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Embotics Cloud Management Blog

Cloud Myths and Realities

Businesses are moving workloads to the cloud to enable new processes and unlock new value, promoting process efficiency, collaboration, and insight. Moving to public clouds can not only provide significant financial and time savings but also allows you to redirect resources to focus on new projects that service your customers and grows your business.

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Shadow IT, And What To Do About It.

Frequently, when we talk to IT personnel, they tell us they’re completely sidelined by groups and individuals in other departments who take matters into their own hands by using cloud-based applications and hosted data centers. This “shadow IT” or “stealth IT” occurs when incumbent IT groups, stuck with legacy infrastructure and data management challenges, are unable to quickly or cost-effectively deliver all business requirements of a particular group. And the demands from IT’s customers, partners and regulators are changing rapidly.

Topics: Cloud Management Platform (CMP) Cost Management Shadow IT