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Embotics Cloud Management Blog

Attending VMworld US 2016 Conference? We’ll see you there!

Embotics is excited to be attending the VMworld US 2016 Conference and hope that we’ll see you there. If you want to learn about cloud automation and possibly win a drone, then we’ve got you covered.

Need to stop your users complaining? Try self-service provisioning.

Are your users complaining when response and turnaround time is too slow? Are they expecting faster provisioning times of virtual machines as they move to an agile environment?

Topics: Cloud Management Platform (CMP) vCommander Cloud Automation Software Self-Service Provisioning

Chargeback & Showback - What's your Motivation?

When looking at doing Chargeback or Showback, people have different motivations and goals they wish to accomplish. Whether it is recovering costs, naming and shaming (also known as "Shameback"), or justifying the relevance of your IT department. But really whatever the reason, the truth is that you want to, in some way, change the way in which people are consuming the resources, and to make others aware of the costs involved in providing the services.

Topics: Public Cloud Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud Cloud Management Platform (CMP) Cost Management Chargeback & Showback