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Embotics Cloud Management Blog

DevOps & Modern Software Development Processes

Embotics CTO Scott H. Davis recently published a blog discussing the process innovations related to DevOps methodology. In the blog, Scott reviews how DevOps encourages rapid integrations and frequent communication between team members that enable the delivery of higher quality and more predictable results delivered by this iterative style of development.

Topics: DevOps

Customer Spotlight: Leading Fashion Specialty Retailer

Before moving to the cloud, this leading retailer had a shared services model, with separate IT groups responsible for the operating systems, network, storage, databases. Anytime there needed to be a production change or triage, these different teams had to be brought together to implement changes and resolutions.

Topics: Case Study Retail

The Case for Automation

As IT organizations have moved increasingly to cloud deployments - whether private, public or hybrid - the scope and scale of these environments have grown. Along with that growth comes a sizeable uptick in the degree of difficulty to manage the various cloud environments across your organization.

Topics: Cloud Automation Software