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Embotics Cloud Management Blog

Embotics Announces vCommander 6.0

The team at Embotics® prides itself on delivering products that truly improve our customers’ organizations and cloud operations. As such, we are excited to announce the latest release of our flagship product, Embotics vCommander® 6.0. The new version enables customers with enhanced hybrid cloud orchestration, governance and control, all while providing an easy-to-use portal for end user self-service where organizations can intelligently select and provision cloud resources and track and report on spending.

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Embotics vCommander in Action

Multi-cloud services have continued to emerge and proliferate across enterprises as IT teams implement multiple cloud environments from a range of providers. And with 84% of IT executives expecting to utilize such environments (IDC), there is no doubt of the benefits multi-cloud can deliver to meet specific business needs, from increased flexibility to reduced costs. But regardless of those benefits, multi-cloud environments can be difficult to manage and can create serious organizational inefficiencies.

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The Path to Agility

With the recent increase in cloud adoption - whether private, public or hybrid – companies are challenged with managing various cloud environments across their organization. The growth in size and scale of cloud initiatives comes with a corresponding growth in complexity, leaving IT teams perplexed about how to coordinate the delivery and management of IT services effectively, and successfully manage large-scale, complex workflows.

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