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Embotics Cloud Management Blog

Maximizing Profits and Optimizing Infrastructure for Managed Service Providers

Companies are always looking for new streams of revenue, especially those that are already offering online services, IT services or have excess capacity in their virtual datacenter that they want to monetize.

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Resolving the 3 Most Pressing Cloud Management Issues

IT departments tasked with the migration to cloud-based infrastructure are struggling with the challenges and complexity of managing multiple environments. The growth in size and scale of these cloud initiatives comes with a corresponding growth in complexity, leaving IT teams perplexed about how to update legacy IT processes and environments into a state fit for today’s digital world.

The Case for Automation - Part 2: Tips for Successful Cloud Automation

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post outlining the benefits of cloud automation, and how it’s helping organizations across the world more effectively manage large scale workflows and rein in complexity. But when I re-read the post recently, I realized I’d left out something important - some prescriptive tips that will help you develop the strategies you need to start reaping the benefits of cloud automation. So without further ado, the following tips will allow you to implement effective automation solutions that will enable real reductions in operating expenses and improved efficiency: 

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Recap: Embotics at ZertoCon 2017

Last week, the Embotics’ team attended the 2 nd annual ZertoCon 2017 in historic Boston. For those who aren’t familiar, ZertoCon focuses on the business continuity and IT resilience world, and this year’s event certainly didn’t disappoint! The conference was filled with three days of discussions and demos surrounding the latest technology and practices revolutionizing how cloud strategy is done.
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