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Jaimie Sinclair

Embotics Marketing Guru and blog writer

Recent Posts by Jaimie Sinclair:

The Shifting Cloud Market Dynamics (Part 1)

The way enterprises use the cloud is changing, Next-generation cloud-native applications, built and delivered using DevOps methodology, are moving to the cloud. These virtual environments have evolved as enterprises have moved their IT into a cloud offering, enabling a scalability and flexibility of on-demand resources.

All Cloud, No Fluff

I like my job in marketing. When done correctly, marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool that helps organizations clearly articulate the value of complex solutions to a group of people who can really be helped by that solution. Notice that I said, “when done correctly.” I think we do an amazing job here at Embotics being honest, clear and concise in our marketing materials - but that’s not always been my experience in this industry.

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The Role of IT is Evolving

Times, they are a changing.

It’s not very likely that Bob Dylan had enterprise computing in mind when he penned those lyrics more than 50 years ago, but that doesn’t make it any less accurate when we look at the current state of where IT fits in the enterprise world. Here at Embotics, we talk to a lot of prospects and potential customers, and one thing we’re continuing to hear is that IT organizations are increasingly struggling to maintain relevance in a world dominated by cloud services.

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…You Might Need to Invest in a Cloud Management Platform

Do you remember the comedian Jeff Foxworthy? Back in the 1990s and early 2000s, he was one of the country’s most inexplicably popular and successful comedians based on his routine, “You Might Be a Redneck.” Essentially, he’d talk about some character traits or activities, and if it sounds like something you’d do, say it with me… “YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK!”

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Thinking Beyond the VM:  Automation and Workflows

The server virtualization market has come a long way. Today, nearly every enterprise uses virtualization – as it has become a mainstay in public, private and hybrid cloud deployments. As the virtualization market has matured over the years, organizations have evolved their VM strategies far beyond the point of simple virtualization. VM deployments today often include an element of self-service provisioning, where users can create their own virtual machines based on templates that exist in the service cloud.

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How Rightsizing Can Save You Money

How do you ensure that all the virtual machines in your virtualized infrastructure are allocated the correct resources for their workload? The answer is simple: rightsizing. Rightsizing ensures that all virtual machines or instances in your hybrid cloud are allocated the correct resources for their workload, with the goal of minimizing costs AND maximizing performance.

Cloud Management: Proof of Concept, Made Easy

The idea of proof of concept (PoC) is an important one. When a vendor and client are sitting down to determine how the solution might be a fit for the customer needs, the proof of concept is a critical step that leads not only to conceptual development, but can spark ideas for the implementation of new concepts and capabilities.

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The Need for Multicloud Management

More and more organizations are adopting a mulitcloud strategy, as it provides the flexibility to run workloads across any environment – public, private or managed – and optimizes performance. In fact, according to IDC, over 90 percent of enterprise-scale organizations plan to make use of multiple clouds in the next several years.

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Automation: Are You on Board for 2018?

While it can seem daunting, implementing automation into your virtual environment doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. As the scope and scale of multi cloud environments continue to grow, automation can provide organizations with a sense of relief and ease – especially if the proper automation capabilities are selected.

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2018 Prediction: A New Generation of CMP

A few weeks ago, my colleague Scott Davis contributed a post to this blog taking a look at his predictions for the cloud market in 2018. It’s a fantastic read, and I recommend that you look it over if you haven’t already.

After reading that one again, it got me thinking about what 2018 may hold in store for the cloud market, and it’s got me excited. The cloud landscape is undergoing a massive change as businesses have become increasingly digital. But the way many vendors out there manage cloud environments remains stuck in the past.

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