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Ted Rodney

Recent Posts by Ted Rodney:

No Reservations? That’s Going to Cost You.

With the release of vCommander 6.0.2, Administrators who already cut their Amazon Web Services (AWS) spend using rightsizing recommendations for instance types, can now further maximize their public cloud budget with Reserved Instance purchase recommendations. For anyone using Amazon Web Services, Reserved Instances (RIs) are one of the most effective ways to control compute costs, allowing you to reserve EC2 computing capacity at significantly discounted rates in exchange for committing to purchase the instances offer a fixed period of time. Compared with on-demand instance pricing, reserved instances can offer up to 75% lower costs.

Topics: Public Cloud AWS Cost Management vCommander Reserved Instances

vCommander™ 5.7 Sneak Preview: Custom Attribute Sublists and Boolean Workflow Step Conditions

Today, I’m happy to provide a sneak peak at two vCommander 5.7 features. Despite being simple to use, custom attribute sublists and Boolean operations in workflow step conditions greatly increase the power and flexibility of vCommander automation.

Topics: Releases How-to Cloud Management Platform (CMP) vCommander

Top 5 Mistakes New vCommander™ Admins Make

I’m a lists guy.

Getting to pore through all kinds of interesting lists means New Year’s provides some of my favorite reading of the year. From grim looks back (The 7 Biggest Cloud Outages From 2015) to predictions for the year to come (3 Key Cloud Trends for 2016), I’m fascinated by all of it. So, I thought I’d try putting one together myself, based on our view from the support desk.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 mistakes new vCommander admins make:

Topics: Administration Cloud Management Platform (CMP) Best Practices

vCommander™ 5.6 Sneak Preview: Multi-Tenant Media Library

This week I’m back with another sneak preview of a great new feature coming in vCommander 5.6: a multi-tenant media library. This improves upon current functionality, which lets vCommander and Service Portal users mount media from the host’s physical drives or datastores, but all ISO/FLP files are globally available. Let’s take a look.

Topics: Releases Cloud Management Platform (CMP) vCommander

vCommander™ 5.6 Sneak Preview: Variable Assistant

One of the first customer support cases I handled at Embotics involved using vCommander variables to pass information out to a script. I was new to vCommander myself, of course – as was the customer – but we both had the same feeling. We knew that there was a variable that would provide the data we needed, but we couldn’t figure out which one it was, and that was frustrating.
The reference tables in the documentation were exhaustively complete. There were hundreds of variables listed, but no means to really narrow down the search. Needless to say, it took a very long time to close the support case, and although the customer ultimately was satisfied, I couldn’t shake the feeling that we had to do better.

Topics: Releases Cloud Management Platform (CMP) vCommander

Choosing Your vCommander™ Database Platform

One of the most important choices new vCommander administrators must make is which database platform to use: PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL. There are some advantages and disadvantages to each, which are discussed below. However, the most important thing to understand is that it’s not possible to migrate between platforms. If you do need to switch platforms, Embotics Support can assist you with keeping some of the VM metadata, but other important data may be lost, and it will take some time to recreate various configuration choices.

Let’s look at the options.

Topics: Administration Cloud Management Platform (CMP) Best Practices vCommander

Five Ws for Five Nines

If you’re a vCommander admin, what’s the best way to report issues to Embotics® Support effectively?

Topics: Administration Best Practices vCommander

Getting Those Tech Execs to Sleep


One of the great things about working at Embotics is how often I find myself thinking “we can solve that problem”. I just finished reading Barb Darrow’s 5 things that keep tech execs up at night, and again, I just see a list of problems that are quickly and easily put to rest by vCommander.

Topics: Public Cloud Cloud Management Platform (CMP) vCommander

Greening Your Cloud

Years from now, your grandchildren will look at you incredulously when you explain that there was once a time when computers sat there sucking up idle energy, and it took even more energy to cool them while they were busy doing nothing. And this is to say nothing about the fact that most of this energy came from non-renewable sources!

Topics: Public Cloud Private Cloud Cloud Management Platform (CMP) vCommander

Avoid Vendor Lock-in (and Bananas)

There’s a story about an experiment where a group of monkeys had a ladder, at the top of which were some tasty bananas. Whenever a monkey climbed up to get them, sprinklers soaked the whole group with ice-cold water, who understandably became quickly hostile to anyone approaching the ladder. Next, a monkey would be replaced.

Topics: ITaaS Multi-hypervisor Cloud Management Platform (CMP) vCommander