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Automating Your Private Cloud with Embotics vCommander

Automating your Private CloudMany organizations today – especially those just starting out on their cloud journey – start their migration to the cloud through private infrastructure. Committing all in to the cloud can be daunting (and unrealistic), and by adopting private cloud solutions first, companies can more easily gain the benefits of the cloud, including flexibility and scalability, while still maintaining complete control over their data.

But since private cloud can be perceived as expensive, particularly in comparison to public cloud solutions, having superior automation and monitoring capabilities is even more important. Luckily, this is where the Embotics® vCommander® comes in.

vCommander offers two main service interfaces that make it easier for organizations to manage their infrastructure – the service portal and the administrator interface. Here’s a quick overview of both:

  • End User Service Portal – this is provided to the end users of IT services. It delivers a feature rich experience, so users have the flexibility they need to successfully complete their job functions. Further, the vCommander enables companies to empower and authorize end user communities through delegated, controlled privileges, and provide information and analytics necessary to make informed decisions about the services being used.
  • IT Administration – vCommander helps organizations create service offerings specific to various stakeholders. As we know, automation is key to getting the most out of cloud solutions, so vCommander provides flexible, out-of-the box workflows that integrate with existing service requests and provisioning processes. The intuitive user interface means users can immediately take advantage of cloud’s agility.

Whether your organization is using a private cloud or operates in a hybrid environment, the Embotics vCommander can improve provisioning, orchestration, self-service, governance and cost optimization in the cloud.

To learn more about vCommander and how it can solve challenges in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments, check out our vCommander v6 overview video.

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