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Customer Spotlight: Careerbuilder Automates Provisioning

blog customer spotlight - CareerbuilderWith over 2,500 virtual machines, and a company transforming itself from a web site for job candidates to post resumes and search for new opportunities to a software-as-a-service company catering for the lifecycle of a candidate, the requirements of the development teams tasked with creating the software products were beginning to stretch the resources of the IT teams.

A typical virtual machine deployment took up to two days, initiated by the developer submiting a ticket to IT, where the system would be manually deployed, added to the monitoring and backup systems, have antivirus and other required software installed, and then released to the requestor. It was clear that this manual processes was not going to scale, and as a result,  the IT team searched for a hybrid cloud management automation and orchestration tool.

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Standardizing the Service Catalog

The multi-cloud support, along with the provisioning and orchestration capabilities made vCommander the ideal choice for CareerBuilder, and a service catalog of between 10 and 15 systems was developed to standardize the system configurations being deployed, which, along with the tagging capabilities of vCommander, allows them to be automatically named based on location, and if they are production web systems, disaster recovery servers, or back-end applications servers.

With the VMs being deployed in both public clouds and private clouds, vCommander provides the developers with the same console to manage their systems,  eliminating the need to train users for different environments. 

Full Lifecycle Management

Once the deployed systems are no longer required, the users can decommission them through vCommander, a process which calls a workflow to remove the system not only from the active directory, but also from all the other systems that it was using, such as monitoring, anti-virus, and the IT ticketing system for audit purposes.

"That’s the best part about it, " said Ali Shahzad IT Manager for CareerBuilder, "not only does it delete an object, it actually removes it from all the other systems. Before we had to do a quarterly audit and clean up.”

The platform has provided the team at CareerBuilder several benefits over the manual process that existed previously within IT for deploying and tracking virtual machines. It has also provided the end-users with a high degree of autonomy. "The user can do whatever they need to with the systems, we don't even have to interfere." said Sr. Infrastructure Engineer, Johan Munoz, "we just need to make sure we have enough capacity for them to deploy, pretty much that’s about it."

You can read the complete CareerBuilder.com case study here, or if you'd like to take vCommander for a test drive, to see how easy cloud management and visibility can be across your public and private cloud infrastructures, download the vCommander trial today.

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