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Cloud Management Architecture for the Agile Age

A Cloud Management Architechture for the Agile AgeWhen it comes to deploying a cloud management platform, chances are you don’t have a pristine greenfield environment, where there is no legacy technology in place that needs to be integrated with, and the infrastructure is just sitting there waiting to be fired up.

It's more likely that the cloud management platform is going to be deployed in an environment where you already have virtual machines running and under some form of management in private and/or one or more public clouds. And that you have development tools, disaster recovery tools, CMDB tools, etc.

Of course, vCommander can easily enable new greenfield application deployments for your private and public clouds, but it also adds immediate value to brownfield environments, with no requirement for you to make changes to these already provisioned applications. Because vCommander is agentless, and you don’t need to make modifications to either how or where your applications are already provisioned, you can start providing self-service immediately.

Cloud Management Architecture for Public / Private Cloud Environments 

vCommander cloud management architecture was designed from the ground up to overlay seamlessly across your private and public environments, and provides a single pane-of-glass view across your entire private and public cloud infrastructure, allowing IT admins and architects to setup and control provisioning automation and orchestration, and other managers and execs to provide cost allocations, chargeback, and rightsizing optimizations.
vCommander cloud management architecture
In addition to the admin console, the self-service portal enables personalized self-service for users through easily customizable service catalogs empowering business and DevOps teams to quickly get the most out of your private and public infrastructure. And by leveraging vCommander’s REST API, you can enable DevOps and orchestrate provisioning at high rates of speed while still retaining your IT organization’ ITSM policies.

Within vCommander’s service platform, all of the base services needed to automate and optimize the private and public clouds are provided.

These services include:

Focused on providing business value on any hypervisor and any cloud, without locking you into a particular vendor’s technology, vCommander provides deep capabilities for today’s most consumed private and public clouds including VMware, Hyper-V, AWS and Azure, allowing organizations at any stage of cloud adoption to build and implement the framework, process, automation, and policies that will result in an optimized hybrid cloud environment.

Integration with Third-Party Systems

And when it comes to integrations, vCommander will seamlessly integrate with the 3rd party system investments you’ve made for your existing data center and cloud solutions including Chef/Puppet/Ansible to help move organizations to a DevOps model of consumption, Zerto to integrate disaster recovery, or ServiceNow as the incident and CMDB system of choice. And beyond the out-of-the-box integrations, if 3rd Party tools have an API, then they can be integrated into vCommander using the extensive REST API.

vCommander cloud mangement architecture integration ecosystem

Cloud Management Architecture for DevOps Automation

We also understand that in today's world of DevOps automation, you need more than just an operating system to be deployed. You also need applications and services that deliver value to both the consumer and to the business. By leveraging its extensive catalog blueprint capabilities and orchestration engine, vCommander enables you to provision complete applications and multi-tier services, and because there is no single provider that can meet all the requirements for deployments of applications and PaaS, we have focused on providing broad support for many industry leading solutions and providers.

Application and PaaS orchestration within cloud management architecture

You can install vCommander in minutes, and the automated discovery and wizard-based configuration process means that it is deployed into your existing infrastructure without complexity or extended configuration efforts, and also without any changes to your existing systems. And, if your company is focused on DevOps automation, the automated workflow engine and comprehensive third party integration capabilities are a strong asset across multiple use cases, providing the glue that holds your CI/CD pipeline and overall toolchain together.

vCommander cloud management architecture automates DevOps
So if you want to see how easy cloud management and visibility can be across your public and private cloud infrastructures, why not schedule a demo today?

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