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Is it Time to Invest in a Cloud Management Platform?

Invest in a CMPThe modern IT organization is faced with new demands to increase agility and velocity, and simultaneously optimize costs. With increasingly affordable high-powered bandwidth and rising consumer expectations for accessibility and speed, the rise of cloud-based solutions for sharing, storing and streaming data has accelerated.

Businesses seeking to maximize the benefit of using the cloud often deploy multiple cloud platforms, across virtual, public and private infrastructures. This deployment across platforms allows companies to access each platform’s specific benefits, while also meeting the diverse needs of various partners and clients. Even better? A multi-cloud strategy minimizes the risk of data loss and assures constant access to digital content, even in the case of downtime in one of the cloud environments.

The downside? Managing multiple cloud platforms can be a huge challenge and greatly complicate your IT needs. As hybrid cloud IT infrastructures continue to become more mainstream, organizations need to consider the need for multi-vendor, all-in-one management solutions to help keep things in check.

Below are some of the signs that it may be time for your organization to invest in a CMP:

  1. Deploying a workload takes days or weeks
    • Your end users often complain to IT that they are too slow in turning out requests for workloads, infrastructure of virtual machines.
  1. Once a workload is provisioned, it lives forever
    • Your end users tend to hold onto workloads, and keep these “unused” resources just in case they may want to access them in the future.
  1. Your IT team performs manual, repetitive tasks
    • Your IT team is valuable, yet they are spending a lot of time doing manual tasks, leading to unnecessary finger stroke errors, because your IT department doesn’t have a ticketing system in your virtual environment.
  1. Lack of standards leads to inconsistent configurations
    • Your IT team treats every end user request as a one-off request, establishing the a-la carte mindset, which kills agility and consistency in the department.
  1. Expanding shadow IT activity
    • Your end users get frustrated by the slow response times and perception of poor service from your IT team, and decide to go around IT and make public cloud purchases on their own.
  1. Public cloud costs are growing fast
    • Your public cloud costs are out of control, due to overprovisioning, poor storage choices, penalties for exceeding thresholds and lack of accountability.
  1. Overprovisioned Resources and IT Sprawl
    • You experience overprovisioned resources and IT sprawl due to non-established quotas, poor showback accountability and lack of decommissioning workflows.
  1. The Need to Make Way for Hybrid IT
    • Your organization deploys both private and public cloud platforms, but doesn’t have a common type of infrastructure to manage both from a single vantage point.
  1. Forecasting resource consumption is difficult
    • Your lack of resource utilization data leads to difficulty forecasting and budgeting with accuracy.
  1. Your CIO has mandated a move to ITaaS
    • You have a top down mandate to move to IT-as-a-service, but aren’t sure where to begin.

Do these pain points sound familiar? If so, it may be time for your organization to consider implementing a CMP. Check out the latest version of our award-winning vCommander platform, to see how our CMP could benefit your organization.

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