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Cloud Management: Proof of Concept, Made Easy

Cloud Management: Proof of Concept Made EasyThe idea of proof of concept (PoC) is an important one. When a vendor and client are sitting down to determine how the solution might be a fit for the customer needs, the proof of concept is a critical step that leads not only to conceptual development, but can spark ideas for the implementation of new concepts and capabilities.

When it comes to cloud management software, there are some important elements that are in demand with most customers. Cloud management software needs to be able to provide self-service provisioning automation to reduce the load on IT and seamlessly integrate into IT’s daily activities. Cloud management software shouldn’t require weeks or months to configure and get into production, to the extent that it becomes an overhead burden that requires lengthy professional service engagements. Customers want to know that the solution can meet their needs, and that they can start to see results quickly.

This is an enormous challenge for many enterprise solution providers, and it’s why, at Embotics, we wanted to take a deep dive into how to address the challenge. In a recent webinar, Cloud Management - Proof of Concept Made Easy, Embotics’ lead solution architect, Colin Jack, was joined by Stuart Burns, a large scale virtualization and VMware expert. The two of them sat down to discuss a number of important topics, including how to:

  • Collectively define goals, inputs, objectives, scope, and success criteria
  • Create POC-specific use cases for required functionalities
  • Install and configure the required infrastructure and software
  • Create test design for use cases and define positive/negative test scenarios
  • Review and validate the POC results with all stakeholders

A long, drawn-out proof of concept is antithetical to the process. If you’re interested in learning about how to implement a functional, day-one proof of concept for a cloud management platform using Embotics vCommander, I encourage you to watch the webinar replay. Simply click here.

To see some of the questions raised by the webinar, check out our previous blog post, but we’d love to hear about your PoC experiences, and whether you think this would be helpful, in the comments, and if you would like a customized demonstration of vCommander, so you can see for yourself how easy a PoC can be, click on the link below.

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