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The Dawn of the CMP 2.0 Era and Digital Business Process Transformation

The Dawn of CMP 2.0Today is a really big day for us here at Embotics. If you’ve been under a rock, you may not have heard, but we have some really big news. Industry-changing news. Today, we launched the industry’s first truly next-generation hybrid cloud management platform in vCommander v7.

I won’t get into all of the details here: you can check out the press release for that. But the takeaway is that this is the first next-generation CMP that’s built for automation, orchestration and governance of both traditional and new microservice-based applications while facilitating DevOps. This is important for a few reasons.

The struggles between IT/security and developers are well known. Working with IT/security often requires manual processes that make DevOps less agile – and agility is the last thing developers wants to sacrifice. This can (and usually does) lead to conflicts. Developer teams simply don’t want to adopt traditional IT solutions and policies, including cloud management. The ability to deliver speed under control is absolutely critical. That’s what we’re doing with v7.

Second, we’ve found recently there is an enormous gap in the market when it comes to DevOps and microservice enablement capabilities. We commissioned research from our friends at the Ponemon Institute and the results are enlightening. You can check out the full report here.

It’s a survey of 600+ IT leaders responsible for cloud management at their organizations and it looks at the gap between their expectations around the value of DevOps, containers and microservices and what their organizations can do today. For example, 74 percent of respondents believe DevOps enablement capabilities are essential, very important or important for their organization, but only one in three believe their organization has the ability to deliver those capabilities now. This gap, according to the report, is costing the average enterprise $34 million per year. That’s a staggering number!

The report also takes a look at the opportunities, challenges, costs and risks companies experience as they manage their public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures and emerging application container environments, and how organizations would be better served by eliminating the friction between IT and developers. I encourage you to check it out.

At Embotics, our goal is to truly understand the needs of our customers, which includes some of the largest and most successful companies in the world. That means doing a lot of listening and letting what we hear guide the decisions we make about our solutions. We’ve been hearing customers and prospects talk about how they want to facilitate DevOps and achieve true digital business process transformation, and we’ve been working hard for a long time to help enable that. Today’s news is our response. Welcome to the era of CMP 2.0!

To find out more details of vCommander v7, you can find out more details here. If you would like a demo to see these new features in action, schedule a customized demo.

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