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CMP 2.0: The Software Factory Assembly Line

Software Factory Assembly LineThe world of applications is changing dramatically. DevOps, cloud, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), microservices and serverless computing designs are impacting how quickly innovative companies can deliver new services. But in order for companies to embrace this new world and not be left in the dust, they must also embrace automation.

Think about the advances of the assembly line throughout history. Before key developments in the early 20th century, building a new product was slow and tedious, and required that each part be individually milled and manufactured. However, with the modern assembly line brought the standardization of parts – and automation.

Application and software deployment is no different. Previously, applications were constructed out of numerous consumer technologies from scratch. But with cloud advances, the industry is now moving toward the realization of its software factory assembly line – bringing with it faster, more predictable delivery of innovative products to the market, far less expensively.

In a traditional data center, automation has been seen as complex and time-consuming, requiring extensive customization. This heavy resource cost has tended to limit automation to basic scripting for those midsized and larger organizations that do not have access to extensive pools of IT resources, expensive development resources, or professional services budgets.

Through Embotics vCommander’s single pane of glass management and automated provisioning for on-premise and cloud-hosted workloads, organizations are empowered with improved visibility and management, which in turn, brings real cost savings.

By automating repetitive provisioning and lifecycle tasks, the IT team can be refocused to deliver on high value consultative services that add value to your end users rather than on repetitive tasks. With our comprehensive delegated administration & distributed operations you can remove non-virtual infrastructure administrators from VMware vCenter™ or other administrative consoles, and authorize end users to carry out self-service management tasks, tailored specifically to your organization’s processes.

A successful CMP 2.0 system must manage both the automated provisioning that enables the current software factory assembly line, as well as ensuring that the assembly line can also enable the next generation of cloud applications that are being built with containers, microservices & DevOps methodologies - infrastructure that is provisioned by apps using APIs (referred to as infrastructure as code).

The lasting value of the cloud comes from business agility and the rapid delivery of high-quality, secure applications and services. Watch our video, “The Story Behind CMP 2.0” to learn how vCommander can help your organization realize these business gains across on-premise infrastructure and in the cloud.

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