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Commander 8 - Understanding & Insight

In our experience most enterprises IT teams are looking to move fast & save money.

We take these two challenges very seriously and I wanted to share a little about our product philosophy as we go into 2020.

The IT Challenge going into 2020

First let me say that we get it.

Those big challenges facing front line IT all the way up to the CIO.

Somehow you're supposed to:

  • Move fast - but keep everything secure
  • Use the best processes & tools - but keep costs low
  • Keep existing infra running - but enable innovation

These challenges are a personal challenge for us. How can we eliminate the biggest challenges put on your shoulders.

It's a tall order, but we're working on it. 

  • Most IT pros believe that ITSM is better than each person having their own personal management system. 
  • Well we believe that Embotics Commander is better than manual processes and unintegrated infra management tools available today.

We've been in the infra automation & management game for 13 years now.

Commander 8 - Understanding & Insight

Understanding can be in everyone's hands 

With Commander 8 we want to provide even greater visibility to everyone who touches infrastructure. So many people have a stake in this from budget holders to infra managers, cloud ops, security, developers and more. 

You'll notice a completely brand new look and feel in Commander 8 and as always you have full control over who can see what. Now's the time to give audit/costing access to managers and optimal visibility to anyone who can benefit from infrastructure visibility.

Whether your stakeholders need to see details on costing, permissions & access or resource usage we've got you covered.

This gives individuals a true understanding of what's going on in their corner of the world and managers visibility into the global infrastructure.

Insight cuts through the information noise 

Data without insight is just noise.

Everyone has a goal when it comes to their infrastructure resources and it's our job to get them the insight they need for the best decision making.

So after we've given everyone visibility to get a high level understanding the next thing we need to do is cut through all of the noise to true insight. 

Cost dashboards & recommendations have been a hallmark of our product for helping people understand the bigger picture of their environment.

We're going beyond static information in Commander 8 by introducing real-time anomaly alerting. Now you don't have to wait till your next login to understand how your resources are being consumed. You can set thresholds that will alert you when costs are being dramatically impacted in your environment.

Looking forward 

I gotta say it's pretty exciting. Your infrastructure stack is the backbone for so much of what your company does and it is not getting any simpler. What is the best tech stack, toolset, process/practices. All good questions that we are all trying to figure out. 

We're partnered with some of the worlds largest companies on this infrastructure management journey and we couldn't be happier.

Thanks for partnering with us, together we can solve some of the biggest challenges facing IT.


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