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Cost Optimization with Azure

PC-AzureCloud computing has become such a central part of most enterprises that it’s become easy to forget what drove the rush to the cloud in the first place. More than a decade ago, the idea of the cloud may have been a nightmare for the IT staff that was going to have to manage a paradigm shift, but it was a dream for those holding the purse strings. The promise of the cloud was always about finding ways to stretch budgets and save costs.But as cloud platforms have proliferated across enterprises, we’re hearing more and more prospects and customers talk about things like complexity, visibility, etc. – and sometimes it seems like the industry as a whole is taking its eye off the prize. This is despite the fact, as 451 Research found recently, that 57 percent of IT management worry about cloud costs daily.

We all need to remember that the cloud started as a way to save costs – and we should still be paying attention to the ways it can help us do that, even as we’re tackling the more complex problems of managing cloud environments.

So where are the biggest opportunities in your enterprise for cost optimization? It’s clearly going to be with the biggest platforms. Let’s start with Microsoft Azure. We know how much our customers invest in Azure, and it’s why our team has put together a simple and straightforward guide that will help you identify several strategies to optimize costs in Azure.

For example – did you know that every developer in your organization with a Visual Studio subscription is entitled to developer credits, ranging from $50 per month (VS Professional) to $150 per month (VS Enterprise)? That may seem like a trivial amount at first blush, but it’s a savings that can really add up over time. For every 100 developers, that’s $180,000 each year of free sandbox infrastructure in Azure.

I’m not going to give away all of the tips here – you’ll have to download the eBook for that. But one thing I can guarantee is that, regardless of what type of Azure environment you have, there are ideas in here that will save you money – and often a lot more than $180,000 per year.

If you’re interested in learning about how the different ways to cut Azure costs – from enterprise agreements to power scheduling and reserved instances – I encourage you to take a look.

You can download the eBook at: https://info.embotics.com/azure-cost-optimization 

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