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Customer Spotlight: BriteSky

Customer spotlight:BriteSkyEnterprise cloud service provider, BriteSky, provides cost-effective and secure cloud solutions for Canadian businesses, but unlike generic, preconfigured offerings, BriteSky offers customized, highly secure virtual data vaults called Portable On-Demand Data Centers (PODDs), that fit the unique needs and scalability requirements of each business.


From its inception, the team at BriteSky wanted to provide a flexible, customer-focused architecture that wouldn’t require changes to customers’ business processes, and provided a high-level of security and visibility to their clients.

It soon became apparent that the initial cloud management product that BriteSky chose was limited in its flexibility and deployment options, and so the company started to look for an alternative.

It is important to BriteSky that a critical product like an end-user portal be flexible and that the company supplying the product is flexible in listening to the needs of the company. " We needed to have someone who's going to be much more flexible in partnering with us, and this is what we got, and continue to get from everyone at Embotics" said Richard Losier, Executive Vice President of Engineering and Technology at BriteSky.

Embotics Solution

Once vCommander was deployed, the transition from one platform to another was made easier by the training and help that Embotics provided, ensuring that there was a smooth transition with no interruption to the BriteSky customer base.

vCommander's intuitive front-end consolidates Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and BriteSky's own infrastructure, making it easy to deploy virtual systems and workloads into the most suitable location, and this single pane of glass portal provides the customers with a visibility into their environment that they never had before.

In addition, the reporting capabilities of vCommander were important to BriteSky as well, providing their customers with the ability to generate custom reports from within their portal to gain insight into what is happening in their environment, and what they are being billed for.


"BriteSky's customers have embraced the ease of use of the Embotics platform, and as a business, we have an edge by using vCommander," continued Losier, "that matters a lot, because when you're dealing with cloud offerings, anytime you can get some kind of an edge becomes very important. When I deal with Embotics, I matter to them, and when I matter to you, that means that
you're listening to me, and when you're listening to me, that means we can do beautiful things together.

Embotics has been with us all the way through helping us grow and to achieve what we needed to provide our customers with an architecture that enables a cloud provisioning process that puts them in complete control of their data and their cloud environment at all times."

You can read the complete BriteSky case study here, or if you'd like to take vCommander for a test drive, to see how easy cloud management and visibility can be across your public and private cloud infrastructures, download the vCommander trial today.

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