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Customer Spotlight: Computer Security Software Company

Customer Spotlight Computer Security Software CompanyOne of the challenges that the Corporate Training department of this computer security software company faced was the ability to rapidly provision systems for students each week for the multiple courses that were taking place across several different time zones. Once a service ticket was created for a particular course, IT provisioned everything manually which, given their workload, led to increased wait times for the systems to be provisioned.

Faster deployment, increased reliability

It was for its ease of use and configuration, particularly in the area of network fencing, that vCommander was chosen as the company's Cloud Management Platform (CMP). The software allows the training department to provision virtual machines as needed, removing the burden from the IT group, and allowing for a much faster deployment time.

As the team focused on creating the system templates for the partners, students and sales engineers, the technical trainers are now able to focus on more important things than building and deploying multiple systems in a serial manner.

Security Company Quote

Seamless user experience

The batch operations of vCommander along with the ability to provision the training systems in 10-15 minutes provides a substantial time saving over the day or so that it used to take by hand, and now up to 20 environments can be requested via the self-service portal in a single request. Students also get a much more seamless user experience now, as the vCommander self-service portal is used to open a VM console connection or RDP directly into the fenced services to get to their systems.

And it’s not only the powerful workflow engine and self- service provisioning that has provided benefits. Students get a much more seamless user experience as they now use vCommander to open a VM console connection or RDP directly into the fenced services to get to their systems, rather than the web UI they had to use previously.

Beyond the Training Department

In addition to the training department, vCommander is also being utilised by approximately 80  technical support staff to replicate customer systems  and trouble shoot issues. Prior to using vCommander, getting a system deployed and configured could take hours, but now because the work is front-loaded and the approved  configurations are in the service catalog, it takes just minutes. "The time savings are significant," said one of the company's system engineers, "previously, you were never quite sure what would be approved or not, and what was appropriate to order or not. vCommander's service catalog has simplified all of that."

And on the decommissioning side, things have greatly improved as well, with notifications and approval emails being provided when it comes time to retire systems. "There was one occasion where tech support were asked to power down VMs so that resources could be freed up to enable training to bring up lab systems." Continued the systems engineer, "now, because of the lifecycle expiry automation that is in place with vCommander, those issues do not occur anymore."

You can read the complete case study here.

Note: Embotics customers are deriving great benefit from using vCommander and we want to share some of their stories. Unfortunately, we are unable to use all of their names publicly due to confidentiality agreements, but hopefully this series of posts will still be useful to you. 

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