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Customer Spotlight: CRM Software Company

Customer Spotlight: Leading CRM Software CompanyWith over 3,000 global customers, and dedicated to streamlining business and enhancing customer engagement, this leading CRM software company wanted to make their virtual machine provisioning process more efficient.


With up to 100 VMs being provisioned manually each month by a team of five, the IT Operations team were asked to find solutions to help them automate as much of the day-to-day tasks as they could, including implementing a self-service portal solution to both free up IT resources, as well as improve the provisioning times of virtual machines for the end-users, and bring greater efficiencies to the company.

Embotics Solution

vCommander was chosen over other products because of the flexibility of the workflows and its scripting capabilities. Since the product was implemented, all of the provisioning workflows have been automated,  and users can request a system and get an email confirmation in less than an hour, depending on any management approval cycles that may be in place, that a VM has been provisioned for them.

In addition to using an approval process for some of the 22 internal teams that request virtual machines, the company also implemented quotas to manage the resources being requested. To manage VM sprawl, they implemented a default expiry policy of 90 days after which systems are automatically expired if they are no longer required.


With over 2,500 virtual machines in the environment, and approximately 40 different systems to choose from in the service catalog, the faster turn-around time and self-service functionality allowed the IT team to centralize their structure and support a 25% growth in VMs. When the IT Operations team calculated the time saved by implementing automation of the provisioning process, it came out to six weeks over the course of a year.

Reducing Human Error

The reporting functions of vCommander are also used extensively.
"I like the reporting feature. I think there's a lot of cool reports in there," said the Principal Data Center Engineer. "A lot of good information comes out of them. We use rightsizing, offline aging, and showback reporting, so that we can educate the different teams on what they are actually costing the organization, making them aware of what they are asking for and the impact it is having on the company."

"We are very happy with vCommander," said the Director of IT Systems Services, "It has saved us a lot of time in different aspects of the functions that we do, management's been happy with it, and other teams are now discovering it or are seeing the benefits of it. I can see us expanding our footprint of the product in the near future."

You can read the complete case study on this CRM Software Company here.

Note: Embotics customers are deriving great benefit from using vCommander and we want to share some of their stories. Unfortunately, we are unable to use all of their names publicly due to confidentiality agreements, but hopefully this series of posts will still be useful to you.

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