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Customer Spotlight: Great Western Bank

CVustomer Spotlight: Great Western BankAs a locally-focused community bank, Great Western Bank has always been about building meaningful relationships with the individuals and businesses they serve. The bank also understands that in order to be successful as a company, their people must first be successful.


The bank's infrastructure team, was spending a lot of time repeating manual tasks to deploy an ever-increasing number of virtual machines. In addition, the team wanted provide more flexibility and functionality to their end-users. "They were always asking for direct access into the VMware vCenter, but we didn't want to give that" explained Infrastructure Manager Dave Baumgartner. "As a bank, we are audited heavily, and one of the questions the auditors ask is 'who has access in the virtual center?' and then we must justify why those people are given access. We needed to find a solution that would allow the users to be able to accomplish their tasks without granting them access to vCenter, and creating a security risk."

The previous process, explained Senior Systems Administrator Paul Ferguson, "was that a user would complete a form that was built on SharePoint, where they would have to put in all their details. But they would also have to separately put in an IT ticket to document the approvals. The SharePoint form just didn't really get a full sense of detail as far as what we were looking for, such as IPs, storage and memory required because every request tended to be different. In the end we would talk to them anyway to get the information we needed." The request would take anywhere from two hours to a week to process.

After trying other products that turned out to be too complex and time-consuming to implement, Great Western Bank chose Embotics vCommander as their Cloud Management Platform (CMP).

Embotics Solution

Once vCommander was deployed, the IT team has moved away from doing repetitive, mundane tasks, and is now freed up  to focus on other higher-value operations. In addition, only the three IT administrators have access into vCenter, with users now being self-sufficient and issuing commands through the self-service portal to request a snapshot, additional CPU, memory, or disk, all without having to worry about opening tickets and asking for permission, or requiring direct access to vCenter. Should console access be required, that is also available via vCommander's portal.


The vCommander Service Portal was a big win for the Great Western Bank IT group, with users now taking greater responsibility over the IT resources and expressing appreciation for the much simpler process.

The request processing time has been reduced to an hour at most, depending on any approvals that need to be granted, and to ensure there is a full audit trail, vCommander is integrated with ServiceDesk Plus from ManageEngine, so every system created can be tracked through its lifecycle.

Another benefit of implementing vCommander was the ability to show the cost of the systems being implemented. "We've always had the challenge that everyone thinks that the resources are free "explained Baumgartner. "You just ask for a new VM and you get it. The ability to start showing users costs upfront, as they're creating the request and as they are changing resources, allows them to see that for every action or request that there are dollars tied to it."

"vCommander leverages itself to smaller lean organizations that don't have a large footprint of staff to do all these utilities. The biggest benefit to us is because we are a small team, this really does free us up."

You can read the complete Great Western Bank case study here, or if you'd like to take vCommander for a test drive, to see how easy cloud management and visibility can be across your public and private cloud infrastructures, download the vCommander trial today.

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