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Customer Spotlight: Serena Software

Customer Spotlight: Serena SoftwareSerena Software, one of the largest global Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution providers, were looking to streamline the automation and provisioning of systems being used by their developers.

A lot of time and overhead was being spent in trying to get a clean machine set up, source the version of the operating system and its dependent components that were required, and then installing the various tools that were needed for developers to use, leading to an incredibly painful and tedious process.


The team at Serena Software set out to establish core capabilities to improve productivity, control costs, and provide a highly responsive end-user experience. The project to implement vCommander as their Cloud Management Platform (CMP) was broken up into three stages. First to establish showback and automated inventory and cost reporting, next to implement a self-service portal enabling service request capabilities along with global management and visibility of resources, and finally lifecycle management  including mandatory setting of an expiration date when a system gets provisioned.


Serena Software QuoteIn any given week, 60-70 machines are being provisioned and decommissioned. Most developers create at least one VM per day, and these systems last for 3 or 4 days before they are automatically expired. By being able to show the cost of the resources consumed by the business units has allowed Serena Software’s IT team to have much more intelligent conversations with the business units around budget, and the flexibility has allowed them to do their jobs more efficiently.

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