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Embotics Cloud Management Blog

DevOps & Modern Software Development Processes

Embotics CTO Scott H. Davis recently published a blog discussing the process innovations related to DevOps methodology. In the blog, Scott reviews how DevOps encourages rapid integrations and frequent communication between team members that enable the delivery of higher quality and more predictable results delivered by this iterative style of development.

In a cloud services world, software must be designed from the ground up with seamless upgradability, availability and scaling in mind, and in close collaboration with the operations staff that will manage the production deployment. By using DevOps toolchains, referred to as Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery and/or Deployment (also known as CI/CD pipelines), the DevOps methodology provides the automation assistance required to roll out code updates as frequently as daily or weekly, and to allow for continuous system testing as these changes are implemented.

To read more about the DevOps Pipeline, and what is required to be both successful and efficient, take a look at Scott's blog. To learn more about how Embotics vCommander's comprehensive automation, staging and third party integration capabilities refer to our DevOps solution page.

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