This year VMworld was held in San Francisco, California, at the Moscone Center from August 25 through August 29. This event was attended by over 20,000 attendees and hundreds of partners and vendors from around the world. It is a special event where we all get to see the latest advancements in virtualization and cloud computing technologies. This year there was a clear focus on Hybrid Cloud management, and on enabling the choice of running your workloads and platforms to make them easier to manage.

During VMworld, there are several awards handed out from various organizations that give recognition for the solutions vendors have brought to market. This year, Embotics® vCommander™ won the Best of VMworld 2013 Gold Award in the Public/Hybrid Cloud Computing Technologies Category. This award is significant as it is based on the event’s focus, as well as on the talks and demonstrations showing workloads moving, using VMware and vCloud Hybrid Services (vCHS). Being recognized at this event as the Best of VMworld 2013 Gold Award winner, is a great honor and continues to show how Embotics vCommander is leading the Hybrid Cloud management space.

The key to our win is how we enable economic visibility day one in your data center. We accomplish this by first reviewing historical trends and applying our IP to assign costs. Once we have the historical data, we then make recommendations on Rightsizing of the VM. The Rightsizing information is based on multiple vectors that includes data from the manager (either vCenter or System Center Virtual Machine Manager [SCVMM]), as well as the operating System (OS). The combined information gives clear visibility into the actual performance of the systems. The resizing can be fully automated with vCommander, including all approvals and updates to other systems as needed.

Combine this with our strong provisioning, orchestration and self-service portal—all backed by a very strong automation engine, so what you have is a single pane of glass that enables visibility and confidence among all teams across your IT organization. The end goal of Embotics vCommander is to enable IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) on premise with economic control that enables you to extend and govern to public or shared resources when you are ready.

Smart enterprises are using multiple cloud computing providers and services to avoid vendor lock-in and stay diverse. But there is a flip side to all these clouds: Public and private cloud services are hard to coordinate, and CIOs are finding that business divisions are using services outside those offered within their companies. The adoption of technology is being driven in an ad-hoc fashion by individual employees, departments, or functional organizations within the enterprise that are signing up for various cloud computing services on their own without IT involvement.

Embotics vCommander solves most of these problems through an easy-to-use storefront that manages the use, performance and delivery of your cloud services, internal or external. You can view a list of your services and select an option such as moving an instance from your private cloud to the public cloud. Once you select your options, and are charged accordingly, you are notified that your instance is running and given a link to the reporting metrics for your service. You can also shop for services based on service-level guarantees, price points or performance. All this is done via your selection in the vCommander portal with the hard work automated in the background.

For Value-Added Resellers (VARs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) the stakes have never been higher. Embotics vCommander will allow enterprises to unify cloud services management to speed up innovation, collaborate globally, reduce operational costs, and grow the bottom line. Embotics vCommander will also allow service providers to operate private-branded Cloud Marketplaces that unify cloud services delivery, and help differentiate their networks as true cloud computing platforms. For technology providers, it is an opportunity to provide value-added service ecosystems that help differentiate core offerings to gain market share, increase customer lifetime profitability, and enable new distribution channels.