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Embotics New Year’s Private Cloud Management Resolutions

Like everyone else out there, Embotics is looking forward to the fresh start associated with the New Year. With this in mind, we are looking at what some of the private cloud management market resolutions should be in 2013:

  • As application teams transition to the iterative nature of Agile development , IT organizations need to respond in kind and provide development environments in real time. However, many companies are in a quandary, since VMware is phasing out Lab Manager. Hence, Embotics’ resolution is to help all those who will be left out in the cold by the end of life of VMware vCenter Lab Manager on May 1. For those companies looking to use private cloud solutions in their labs, testing and development environments, Embotics is providing a warm respite from VMware’s cold shoulder.

  • The evolution of the hybrid cloud will be important, especially toward the end of 2013 when more and more companies will begin using a mix of public and private clouds within their infrastructures. The key to coping with these two platforms is unified cloud management. Businesses must resolve to implement cloud management solutions that will grow with their needs and handle these multi-cloud environments.

  • In 2013, the market must adopt a new term for “cloud,” or companies will have to begin using it more judiciously. There is too much hype and overuse of the term, and it means nothing when you say “cloud” to an IT admin. Companies should resolve to define what cloud means to their environments and then clearly communicate this definition to colleagues and the market to end the hype. If that doesn’t happen, perhaps we can all resolve to adopt a new term, such as “software-defined data center,” to make our cloud discussions more meaningful in 2013.
What are your resolutions for 2013? How will your company implement and build out its private or hybrid cloud infrastructure?
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