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Embotics vCommander in Action

Embotics vCommander in actionMulti-cloud services have continued to emerge and proliferate across enterprises as IT teams implement multiple cloud environments from a range of providers. And with 84% of IT executives expecting to utilize such environments (IDC), there is no doubt of the benefits multi-cloud can deliver to meet specific business needs, from increased flexibility to reduced costs. But regardless of those benefits, multi-cloud environments can be difficult to manage and can create serious organizational inefficiencies.

It is these difficulties that led Embotics to develop the Embotics vCommander™, which allows organizations at any stage of cloud adoption to build and implement the framework, process, automation and policies that will result in an optimized hybrid cloud environment.

A few of vCommander’s key features include:

Self-service provisioning and management – maintaining control over a multi-cloud environment is critical to IT staff, and self-service provisioning and management allow users to view and manage virtual machine (VM) and application workloads, including the ability to request new workloads or request changes to existing workloads. Using the web-based Service Portal, stakeholders can have access to an information-rich view of their assets, without compromising the underlying private or public cloud infrastructure. 

Capacity and resource management – today’s organizations need to expand and retract cloud capacity at a moment’s notice, depending on business demands. Predicting and identifying constraining resources ensures bottlenecks are addressed before they happen. Further, rightsizing recommendations coupled with cost implications empower users to make informed decisions about the resources they consume.

Reporting and analytics – demonstrating ROI from cloud solutions is a requirement for IT staff, and with best-practice virtual Infrastructure reports, VM sprawl information, and capacity and growth indicators, vCommander can help IT and C-Suite executives recognize immediate value. Fully customizable reports to create unique views of virtual infrastructure can be sent to stakeholders on a regular schedule, ensuring cloud transparency across the organization.

Of course, words only go so far if you can’t also walk the walk, and Embotics understands the importance of multi-cloud solutions delivering on their promises. We encourage you to jump over to our Product Videos page to see vCommander in action.

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