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Embotics & Zerto – Better Together

Embotics and Zerto Integration

Enterprises are increasingly hosting their applications and infrastructure across public, private and hybrid clouds and Disaster Recovery (DR) is a very popular use case for these multi-cloud environments. If a business-critical application is unavailable, in today’s digital world an enterprise’s revenue stream may be adversely impacted.

However, having a disaster recovery configuration at a second on premise data center on enough hardware to take over at scale in case of a rare emergency can be both an expensive and complex undertaking. Hence, disaster recovery hosting in the public cloud with its consumption based pricing becomes both a desirable and cost effective model. Moreover, making sure that the DR site is ready to take over in an emergency requires continuous data replication, automation and periodic failover testing.

Embotics is a leader in multi-cloud management, virtualization and automation. vCommander is fast to deploy, easy to use, and platform-neutral, helping you to avoid hypervisor or cloud lock-in. Suitable for both new and existing deployments, it provides self-service portal driven automation, resource management and cost control for your virtual workloads running in public, private and hybrid clouds.

Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) provides a simple, yet powerful disaster recovery solution for virtualized infrastructures by including all of the replication, recovery orchestration and automation in one software solution allowing users to recover one, all or a subset of virtualized applications from any storage to any storage allowing for full realization of the benefits of virtualization. Zerto Virtual Replication delivers orchestration and automation of the entire recovery process regardless of underlying storage, hypervisor or cloud. Whether it is between two or more on premise enterprise datacenters, public clouds like AWS and Azure, or a hybrid combination; Zerto protects and fully orchestrates the recoveries or migrations.

Embotic’s vCommander cloud management and automation platform and Zerto Virtual Replication DR solution are naturally complementary to each other and share design philosophies. Both products are agentless and designed for rapid, easy installation which minimizes time to ROI. Additionally, they are geared to abstract and minimize their respective infrastructure dependencies, making them suitable for both greenfield and brownfield environments, efficiently overlaying seamlessly across your existing architectures and supporting VMware vSphere, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Hyper-V and Azure. We’ve now made the combination integrated for seamless interoperability.

Embotics provides a single pane of glass for automated provisioning of your on-premise and cloud-hosted virtual workloads via a self-service portal. vCommander also provides resource management and cost analysis capabilities. Now, for the first time, ZVR DR protection can be included as an option in both the vCommander self-service portal and through the API driven interface for some or all of your workloads.  With a simple check box during provisioning, VMs or groups of VMs that comprise an application can be DR protected through ZVR. This includes the ability to designate the Zerto VPG protection group, delivering the appropriate SLA for the workload category.

vCommander and Zerto Integration

Embotics has comprehensive resource management, cost evaluation and showback/chargeback capabilities. Since DR is consuming resources for a backup “just in case” instance of your workloads, it can be helpful to evaluate the options from both a resource and cost perspective. When evaluating the options of DR on-premise vs. DR in the cloud, Embotics gives you visibility into the relative costs of each type of Zerto Virtual Replication deployment and allows an enterprise to make a more analytical decision of which will be more cost effective for their needs. It also enables an enterprise to easily track and report on what applications have DR protection and the costs associated with that coverage.

VM sprawl, i.e. losing track of VMs and the resources they consume, is a well-known problem with virtual and cloud deployments. Embotics vCommander saves customer’s money by tracking down and de-provisioning such orphaned VMs, especially useful for public cloud hosted workloads and their monthly bills. With the ZVR integration, vCommander will also remove DR protection from these orphaned VMs, saving resources at the alternate site.

To be effective, DR capabilities must be periodically exercised. The time to debug your workflows is not during an emergency when the business is down and the clock is ticking! Zerto ZVR provides the ability to failover workloads, exercising the backup DR capability and Embotics vCommander will now provide visibility into the failed over to VMs through the portal.

Embotic’s vCommander cloud management and automation platform and Zerto Virtual Replication were both built from the ground up to deliver simple, yet comprehensive multi-cloud solutions with fast, positive ROI. They are highly complementary to each other and now provide seamless integration.

To find out more, download the Embotics and Zerto integration datasheet.

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