Maintenance windows make it easy for vCommander administrators to automatically fulfill VM change requests requiring a power-down at expected times. Introduced in the recent vCommander 5.6 release, maintenance windows allow you to remove the burden from the administrator while still avoiding any impact on your customers’ use of their VMs.

We’ve made maintenance windows flexible enough to cover your needs, whether you’re an enterprise or service provider. If you want to ensure that your production VM workloads are never powered down during working hours, you can create a Production maintenance group and configure its maintenance window. Alternatively, as a service provider, you can create per-tenant maintenance groups to address individual customer service-level agreements.


Configure a maintenance window for change requests requiring a power-down.

The settings in your Approval and Pre-Provisioning workflow control automatic fulfillment behavior. For example, you can easily configure the following all in the same workflow:

  • immediate fulfillment for all decommissioning requests
  • immediate fulfillment for all non-disruptive resource change requests
  • fulfillment of all disruptive resource change requests during the maintenance window

Adding the Schedule element to the Service Change Request form allows you to grant power users more control over when fulfillment occurs. Users with access to this form can schedule their change requests immediately, during the maintenance window, or at a specific time.


Service Portal users can schedule a change request in the maintenance window

Service Portal users with the Schedule Maintenance Tasks permission can also schedule the application of rightsizing recommendations during the maintenance window, if a maintenance window is enabled for the VM.


Service Portal users can apply rightsizing recommendations in the maintenance window

To learn how to configure maintenance windows, see Configuring Maintenance Windows in our online documentation.