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Hotel California in the Cloud

Hotel California in the CloudThere is no doubt about it. You're either in the cloud or moving there - quickly. It often starts with a toe in the water. Someone doing some dev work needs some resources quickly and, hey, it only costs a few bucks to get started and it can be paid for with a credit card and you're in.

And then that application you've been working on needs some testing resources and since the app is already running in the cloud well, it is easy to test it there so just spin up some test beds. Now both test and dev are in the cloud and what started off as a small, quick and dirty way to get started has some heft to it.

Then the app has a go-live date coming up and it is already running in the cloud. Between the dev team and the test team the bugs have all been squashed and the app is ready to go live. And for some reason - maybe it is compliance or maybe it is a need for higher availability than what is offered by the cloud but the app needs to be moved to the data center.

It should be easy to move this out, right? The cloud is built on OpenStack software. It's all open source so this should all be simple, in theory.

But in practice what goes into the cloud rarely comes out or even moves to a different cloud.

Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are all making entry to cloud incredibly easy. Amazon started this with AWS and its low, introductory pricing that could be paid for with a credit card. Amazon took their amazing retail prowess and brought it to their cloud.

Microsoft tried a similar strategy when they introduced Azure. But Microsoft lacks Amazon's retail skill and customers are not used to doing business with them this way. So, the folks in Redmond did what they always do - they began putting Azure licenses into their customer’s enterprise agreements (EAs). It's been an incredibly effective strategy over the years and it is working for now.

Google is different because their relationship with most of their customers began by giving things away. But they have a complete cloud vision with compute, storage, and networking and it is starting to gain traction. And Google draws people in by giving things away - try it for free Google beckons!

Once you're in, you're hooked. To quote the song "Hotel California", "You can check out anytime you want, but you can never leave". So, whether it is to a different cloud or back to your own data center, how do you get out of your hotel?

vCommander, of course. vCommander has multi-cloud, multi-hypervisor capabilities. vCommander can see all your VMs wherever they may be and allow you to compare and contrast. Which are running the way they should and which are costing more than they should. And if a workload is not where it belongs vCommander can pack your bags and move you out of your Hotel California to back to your own data center. And from there, the sky's the limit.

 To get starting breaking out download a trial of vCommander here.

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