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Using Embotics vCommander to Automate Hybrid Cloud and the ‘New Stack’ Technology

Automate Hybrid CloudBack in July, Embotics introduced the what we see as the future of cloud management platforms – CMP 2.0. This next wave of CMPs is aimed at empowering organizations to better understand, manage and automate hybrid cloud, containers and DevOps. Since then, we’ve continued to develop our product roadmap, and share ideas with industry peers and experts at events like VMworld.

As such, we’re excited to share the details of a new 451 Research report that validates Embotics’ expansion from the traditional CMP model to a platform that supports ‘new stack’ technologies, such as containers and microservices.

As the report explains: “Embotics believes the current focus of enterprise IaaS and virtualization management tends to be more around legacy operation, rather than embracing and addressing cloud-native technologies – in particular with cloud-native applications and microservices…This is the new paradigm that cloud management platforms and IT organizations need to address. Embotics believes that in order to fulfil the promise of DevOps, organizations need to embrace a 'shift left' posture with quality assurance and performance testing, so that higher quality and better user experience are addressed early and most effectively.”

In other words, traditional CMPs are structured to manage IaaS or virtual infrastructure. But infrastructure exists to run applications. In the microservices, containers and DevOps worlds, whether on premise or in the cloud, IaaS and virtual infrastructures is less and less visible – compute, storage and network are delivered as a service to applications at the behest of APIs referred to as “Infrastructure as Code.”

For organizations, this means that their CMP needs to do more than just support IaaS environments. In this new “hosted” IT paradigm, CMPs must support the new technology stack and enable companies to fully reap the benefits of the cloud – such as speed, agility and scale – improve user experience, and increase innovation and time-to-market.

Interested in learning more? See how vCommander can be a strong asset to DevOps oriented companies.


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