Embotics® vCommander™ is so easy to use that our development team has come up with some inventive ways to use it. For instance, did you know that you can use vCommander to manage your daily schedule? vCommander’s command workflows make it easy.


Command workflows make managing your daily schedule a breeze.

You can manage each step of the workflow, skipping or repeating steps as needed.


Skip or repeat workflow steps… unless an administrator has decided otherwise.

If your vCommander administrator has prevented you from skipping a step, well, maybe there’s a REST API function to do it. vCommander’s REST API has an easy-to-use PowerShell client with a bonus Start-Lunch function.


You can try to get around annoying rules with the vCommander REST API.

To invite your team to lunch, just set up a lunch service and an approval workflow. vCommander creates a hyperlink that invitees can use to RSVP. That’s all there is to it.


Invite your colleagues for lunch and have them RSVP – with vCommander!

So, there you have it. Using vCommander is as easy as inviting your teammates to lunch.