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DevOps and IT: A Match Made in Heaven

While many IT leaders may still have five-year strategic plans in place to accelerate digital transformation efforts and implement a DevOps strategy, there is constant pressure on them to speed up the process.

But merging traditional IT operations with DevOps isn’t always easy, and because of this IT teams are often reluctant to speed up the process. A new Harvard Business Review Report sponsored by Google Cloud found that while organizations implementing DevOps have experienced a lot of benefits, these teams continue to face significant challenges.

So, what’s causing these challenges?

Simply put, we often see friction arise as IT teams, who are used to calling all the shots, may find themselves upstaged or even threatened by the relatively new and shiny appeal of DevOps. Not to mention IT teams tend to seek the consistency of cloud automation tools with adequate control, while DevOps teams care less about control and more about infrastructure speed and agility.

But there is a solution that can easily please both IT and DevOps: next generation cloud management technology.

Next generation cloud management technology incorporates all the benefits of traditional cloud management we know and love, but with the added benefit of reducing the friction and complexity associated with hybrid cloud management necessities, such as microservices, containers, serverless applications and the adoption of DevOps.

Next generation cloud management can codify and automate the activities of security teams and compliance requirements, so it becomes baked-in, instead of being a reactionary afterthought. This allows security, audit, and change management teams to focus on more important tasks rather than reviewing changes and trying to spot vulnerabilities and violations in a sea of otherwise valuable changes.

According to the Harvard Business Review Report, the majority of respondents found that DevOps was having a positive impact on:

  • Speed to market (70%)
  • Productivity (67%)
  • Customer relevance (67%)
  • Innovation (66%)
  • Product or service quality (64%)
  • Employee satisfaction (57%)
  • Costs (54%)

So if implemented correctly, it can be a huge win for your organization. Organizations should rely on a next generation cloud management platform to help them get there, as it can provide the governance capabilities needed to maintain the integrity while optimizing the cost of building, testing, running and decommissioning cloud applications without impacting the speed of business. 

Here at Embotics, our goal is to enable the speed and agility today’s developers need to propel their business forward, without sacrificing the governance and control demanded by IT.

Our platform, vCommander 7, is the only next-generation cloud management software built for automation, orchestration, and governance of both traditional and new microservice-based applications while facilitating DevOps.

To learn more about how vCommander 7 can help your organization’s IT and DevOps teams to better collaborate, please visit our solutions page, or contact us for a demo.

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