Are you looking to accelerate your software testing and leverage your existing automated tests? Why not automate the entire process end-to-end like we do here at Embotics® using vCommander™?

Imagine that you’re a software tester, and when you arrive to work each morning, the latest software build has already been installed, and your automated regression tests have already been executed. The test results are then automatically sent to your email inbox. This isn’t a magical futuristic scenario, but what happens each day here at Embotics.

Using the power of vCommander, we free up our test team to focus on the complex tests and leave the regression testing to automation. In addition, our team avoids spending test cycles on defective builds. Testing only proceeds when the nightly software build has been automatically installed and the automated tests have run successfully.

Here’s how we use vCommander to simplify our testing in five easy steps:

  1. Each morning, a scheduled Jenkins job executes and builds a full vCommander installer with the latest code.
  2. The job executes a completion workflow via our corporate vCommander REST API that deletes the test virtual machine from the previous run.
  3. The REST API then submits a service request to deploy a new VM, and the most recent build of vCommander is automatically installed on the new VM
  4. Once the vCommander installation is verified, our automated tests are run against the newly installed build of vCommander.
  5. The results of the tests are aggregated in Jenkins, and a report is sent to the test team.

The next day, the process begins again at step #1.

blg-cmpl-wf-300x159.pngvCommander allows us to quickly spin up any number of VMs. Automatic access to our Jenkins build servers allows the workflows to quickly obtain the latest software builds for installation on any of those VMs.


vCommander offers us speed, flexibility and an unlimited number of VM test beds on which we can execute our tests, allowing us to free up our test team to focus on more complex testing solutions.