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Multi-Hypervisors Bring Additional Cost Savings

The rush toward cloud computing was fueled in large part by cost-conscious IT departments that saw the cloud as the natural next step for virtualization and a way to stretch tight budgets. However, that doesn’t mean its time for IT to take its eyes off the bottom line. As cloud computing models proliferate and evolve, it is just as important as ever that technology leaders make informed decisions about which products, services and payment models deliver the best results.

In her recent article, “Making Cloud Computing Models Work for You,” SearchCloudComputing’s Christine Cignoli explains how the shift to cloud computing alters the ways in which businesses buy and maintain hardware, as well as how IT managers can gain greater insight and control into their infrastructure and resources.

We agree that the adoption of hybrid cloud computing is making an indelible change to IT. The move toward multiple hypervisors, for example, allows IT leaders to determine the best locations for their workloads based on individual workload attributes. When that determination is made carefully and thoughtfully, enterprises see that multi-hypervisor environments lead to significant cost savings. For instance a low-level project in the testing lab does not need the high-cost hypervisor environment of VMware. Rather the IT leader can choose a lower cost alternative of Microsoft Hyper-V.  With this cost control, IT leader have stronger control of overall costs.


Unfortunately, an unwelcome side effect of the multi-hypervisor environment has been a lack of cost visibility, automation and control. That’s why its essential that IT leaders deploy cloud management platforms that can support multi-tenant cost models. When IT has easy access to the cost breakdown across hypervisors, leaders can make solid decisions about which virtual machines (VMs) should be housed on which platforms, fulfilling the economic justification for adopting multiple hypervisors.

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