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2018 Prediction: A New Generation of CMP

A New Generation of CMPA few weeks ago, my colleague Scott Davis contributed a post to this blog taking a look at his predictions for the cloud market in 2018. It’s a fantastic read, and I recommend that you look it over if you haven’t already.

After reading that one again, it got me thinking about what 2018 may hold in store for the cloud market, and it’s got me excited. The cloud landscape is undergoing a massive change as businesses have become increasingly digital. But the way many vendors out there manage cloud environments remains stuck in the past.

The first generation of cloud management platform (CMP) solutions were designed what feels like a lifetime ago to manage legacy applications and focused on a subset of virtual machines and infrastructure-centric capabilities (think provisioning automation, self-service, cost reporting, etc.).  Because of the fundamental shift in application architectures - many today are cloud-native and microservices based - the old way of managing cloud environments is ill equipped to handle modern challenges.

That is why, at Embotics, we think that the old way of doing this will go by the wayside in 2018. In 2018, we’re going to see a brand new generation of cloud management - what we’re calling CMP 2.0. We’ve hinted at it quite a bit in this space, but we will be making some announcements in the near future about what CMP 2.0 means to Embotics (and our customers).

Put simply, the next generation of cloud management platforms has to be able to manage microservices-based and cloud native application architectures while also providing functionality that facilitates modern DevOps methodologies. For years, enterprises have been promised benefits of multi-cloud technology, but the ability to manage these complex environments has been an issue. Not anymore.

This will be the year that the industry, led by Embotics, delivers the ability to seamlessly manage the next generation of cloud applications and infrastructure, spanning public, private and hybrid clouds. We’ll have much more information on what this means to our customers in the near future, but for now, I encourage you to download our latest whitepaper “Next Generation Cloud Management Platforms: Transforming Digital Business with CMP 2.0” today.

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