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No Reservations? That’s Going to Cost You.

no reservationsWith the release of vCommander 6.0.2, Administrators who already cut their Amazon Web Services (AWS) spend using rightsizing recommendations for instance types, can now further maximize their public cloud budget with Reserved Instance purchase recommendations. For anyone using Amazon Web Services, Reserved Instances (RIs) are one of the most effective ways to control compute costs, allowing you to reserve EC2 computing capacity at significantly discounted rates in exchange for committing to purchase the instances offer a fixed period of time. Compared with on-demand instance pricing, reserved instances can offer up to 75% lower costs.

For heavy AWS users, you will almost certainly want to take advantage of reserved instances. However, determining where to optimize your RI spend can be a challenging task. vCommander does all the analytics for you, and makes recommendations based on the best return for your RI purchases. Recommendations appear directly on the region where vCommander has identified the potential savings.

Reserved Instance RecommendationsTo generate these recommendations, vCommander monitors the uptime of your AWS instances in each region, and alerts you to potential savings based on your configuration. Configure vCommander to generate RI recommendations based on 7-, 30-, 60- and 90-day periods and choose your purchase model:

  • No Upfront: Pay for the reservation in monthly payments throughout the term and achieve the lowest savings.
  • Partial Upfront: Make an upfront payment, and pay the remainder for the reservation in monthly payments for improved savings.
  • All Upfront: Pay for the entire reservation term in one payment for maximum savings.

By default, no spending limit is assumed but if you already know the amount you can spend on RIs, you can configure it so that vCommander does not generate recommendations more than your budgetary constraints permit. You can also define the minimum savings required to generate a recommendation, by default set to 20%.

RI Recommendation ConfigurationFor a broader, ongoing view of savings potential via RIs, schedule the Reserved Instance Planner Report for regular delivery and review.

RI Planner ReportIn the example above, vCommander has found potential savings of $570 to be had purchasing four m1.small instances in the us-east-1 region and one t2.micro instance in the ca-central-1 region. Of course, this is based on the No Upfront purchase model, so the lowest value discount is used. Changing the report to All Upfront we can see that you can save an additional $165 by prepaying the total for these instances:

Instance Totals

If you include the detailed data when generating the report, you can review all the information that vCommander is using to issue recommendations.

This is just one of the many improvements with a focus on cloud cost optimization introduced in vCommander 6.0.2. We’ll cover more next time with a closer look at more exciting new features.

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