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Observations from AWS re:Invent

aws-re-invent.jpgEarlier this month, a group of us took a trip out West to Las Vegas for the Amazon re:Invent conference – one of the biggest cloud shows of the year. We go to this show every year, and I continue to be impressed by a number of things – not only the growth of the show itself or the breadth and depth of services offered by Amazon Web Services (more than 32,000 attendees and 1,000 PaaS services this year!), but by the philosophy and vision that’s made clear throughout the event.

We all know that customers come to the cloud for cost savings, but AWS continues to succeed in large part because of a commitment to offering a comprehensive set of tools and, most importantly, choice, with options for all different usage scenarios. At the same time, the AWS team demonstrates consistently that they can enable customers to focus efforts on their core business, while Amazon delivers the application infrastructure and building blocks. These ideas were on display throughout the event, whether in smaller break-out sessions or keynote addresses.

This year’s AWS re:Invent is easily one of the largest shows I’ve been to, and at any show of that size, there’s a significant amount of noise. We heard a lot about the push to serverless computing, about cost optimization strategies and best practices, about AWS’ “well-architected framework,” and scores of product announcements highlighting the latest and greatest. But through all the noise at the show, it was those themes I mentioned above – choice and enabling businesses to focus on core competencies –that kept cutting through to me. Perhaps it’s an example of selective listening on my part because those are the same themes that resonate with me when I think of how Embotics supports our customers, but it’s what truly stuck with me – and I suspect I’m not the only attendee to view the show through that lens.

Beyond the similarities in how Embotics and AWS approach the customer relationship, there were a few other takeaways from the event I wanted to highlight, including:

  • An Emphasis on Velocity: During the Global Partner Summit keynote address, we heard from AWS CEO Andy Jassy who reiterated how critical it is for partners to focus on increasing the velocity of cloud migration in this new era of cloud computing. Enhancing speed, agility and IT service velocity for hybrid IT environments are at the core of Embotics’ vCommander, and Andy’s talk certainly reinforced our approach.

  • Validation of Embotics’ Unique Value Proposition: I spend a lot of time at these shows checking out and speaking with other vendors on the show floor. In my conversations and observations, I saw a number of vendors who are doing pieces of what we do at Embotics – billing, reports, rightsizing, deployments, etc. – but I did not come across any product tackling these tasks across multiple platforms beyond AWS like we do with vCommander.

I know that the way I viewed the show and the themes that resonated with me are all colored by my experience here at Embotics, but I couldn’t help but leaving Las Vegas feeling good about the way AWS’ vision aligns with ours. I’d be curious to hear what others thought about the show, however, and encourage you to leave your thoughts in the comments.

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